The silence of the tims as Rangers march on

The silence of the tims as Rangers march on
Celtic v Rangers File Photo File photo dated 30-12-2017 of Rangers and Celtic fans segregated during the Scottish Premiership match. FILE PHOTO EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xIanxRutherfordx 56079597

It gives some idea of the scope of Rangers’ historic, titanic achievements this season that even Celtic all-but-winning the SPL title hasn’t seen their fans swarm our social networks.

Usually after something good for Celtic, their supporters are all over Ibrox Noise rubbing our fans’ noses in it, and sadly we have to go on visceral clean up duty.

But this time? Not even them seemingly taking the domestic crown (as they inevitably now have) sees their followers flock to Ibrox Noise to try and gloat, because they know they have been completely overshadowed by what Rangers have done.

It takes a lot in Scotland to undermine a title win, but that is exactly what Rangers have done – all the attention is on Rangers and Seville a week on Wednesday and not even Celtic winning their title is coming close to detracting from it.

Sure, we’re not thrilled they’ve more or less won the league, but when you have two gargantuan finals, one being particularly huge, it really does dull the pain a lot!

And that’s why Celtic fans have absolutely gone silent – for winning the league pales completely into getting to Seville.

We may win, we hope to, pray to, but we might not prevail. But we still got to the final and that completely outclasses winning the SPL v St Mirren.

And that’s why they’re keeping well away.

In truth, we’re hearing word a few of them are actually giving us credit, actually congratulating us on this and a slim minority even want us to win. Not seen too much of that ourselves, but hey ho.

Strange times, right?

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  1. A few of my green friends have with some reluctance said we had done well. Most didn’t though say I hope you win it It’s an fantastic achievement, which overshadows Stavros and his charlatans and when we win it it will be justice and totally blow that shower out of the snpland water ..especially on the Queens Platinum Jubilee too.

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