Spanish corruption investigation could tie into Rangers

Spanish corruption investigation could tie into Rangers
Glasgow Rangers supporters celebrate after Rangers' Nigerian midfielder Joseph Ayodele-Aribo (not seen) scored his team's first goal during the UEFA Europa League final football match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium in Seville on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pierre-Philippe MARCOU / AFP) (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)

OK, at first this might not seem to linked directly to Rangers, but it is linked to our demand for an investigation into what happened to us in Seville.

The following is taken directly from USA Today.

“BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spanish state prosecutors have opened an investigation into the contracts behind the country’s Super Cup soccer matches in Saudi Arabia following leaked audio between the president of the federation and player Gerard Piqué regarding millions of dollars in commissions.

The state prosecutors’ office told The Associated Press on Thursday that an anti-corruption investigation had been initiated recently.

The probe comes roughly a month after an on-line Spanish newspaper published stolen audio files of conversations between Piqué and Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales. The audio revealed that Piqué helped to negotiate a 24 million euro ($25.3 million) commission to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

Piqué’s company, Kosmos group, would have pocketed 4 million euros ($4.2 million) per tournament from the Saudi organizers for negotiating the six-year agreement, according to El Confidencial newspaper, which released the audio in April.”

This interesting, because the two question we asked after the events in Seville were, could all the hundreds of millions at stake in European football make someone think it was a good idea to shut up Rangers fans by making them too parched to roar; and did someone in deliberately put thousands of people’s health at risk, just to tilt the playing field in Frankfurt’s direction.

Looking at just the health risk….when a stadium cannot house people safely for the duration of the event, then the stadium must be closed, in order to get people to safety

In this extreme heat…some of our fans could have died from heat stroke.

So, the match should have been cancelled and the match continuing under these conditions was, in our view, 100% criminal.

And when this is taken with the authorities ignoring the demands of vendors to sell their food and drinks to thousands of fans, that is why we thought all the decisions made on Wednesday were inconsistent with normal practice (this includes grabbing water at the entrance from Rangers fans, banning displays only at the Rangers end and moving the Gers bus pickup location, so the fans had to walk for hours to the stadium in roasting heat)…and now we see this.

If the newspapers in Scotland still think an apology is all we need they need their head examined.

This is more than football.

This is trying to get to the bottom of why UEFA apparently put money before the lives of our fans.

They could have killed someone…and no-one in Scotland seems to care.

It’s time to make some Ibrox Noise and demand an immediate investigation.

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  1. As a 70 year old fan who had to endure 6 security check by armed police on route into the stadium at one check the police removed the tops from 3 bottles of water on entry into the stadium the bottles were taken from me in a body search by stadium security. We entered the stadium 90 minutes before kick off there was no catering facilities open for any form of drink. The temperature in the stadium was 35 degrees.
    On top of the above there was total chaos all over the streets around the stadium as there was no signage of any kind , you were forced to ask the police for directions.

    You are totally correct there needs to be a Rangers FC inquiry into the fans dangerous treatment in and around the stadium and given Uefa`s treatment of minor issues at Ibrox, with outrages fines a substantial amount of cash should be lodged with the club to subsidize the next Uefa home game for the inhuman way we were treated.
    When fans are forced to drink water from a toilet to avoid dehydration could have caused a
    serious illness, absolutely disgusting for such a high profile football match

    Just for once our club need to support our fans horrible treatment endured at this match where the usually focal support was missing for obvious reasons. For once put our fantastic fans first.

  2. Was at the stadium shocking how we were treated at
    ENTRACE C water confiscated phone chargers sun cream flung in the bin stadium no fit for second tier football never mind European Final

  3. Almost equally as disgusting was the fact that there were a number of stall holders outside the beam back stadium where also water had ran out!!! asking for €5 for 200ml bottles that are about 25cents in most shops. Quite incredible to think that in a place expecting temperature in the high 30″s, along with a travelling support anywhere between 50, 000 and 100,000 that this was simply an oversight. Only downside to an otherwise fantastic trip.

  4. It was a disgrace, I was forced to scoop water out of the toilet by hand to saturate my son, the flusher was also turned off so lord knows what was in that water, but it was needs must, a real survival situation, instinct kicked in.

  5. UEFA have to answer for the sickening conditions inside that 18th century death trap, it was not fit for purpose. Not only that but the emotional damage caused to bears by the subsequent fallout, I received a phone call from the headmaster at my sons school, he was suspended after punching a fellow pupil who was taunting him remorselessly. I pleaded that after going through that terrifying experience in Seville, it was only natural that a child would lash out in self defence when someone said “the flash my father drank” to wind him up, but to avail, hes been suspended for a week.

  6. The treatment from the Spanish police was an disgrace. An elderly bear from our bus was almost to the point of passing out. Even the taps in the toilets had been turned off by this point. We managed to find an empty cup and fill it up from the faucet on top of the urinals. Potentially it saved his life. When we explained this (calmly) to the Spanish police, they pretended not to speak English or even laughed. I can’t help but feel this arrogant and hateful attitude is linked in some way to the democractic decision of the British People to leave the EU.

    The club needs to lead the way on this. Any evidence of religious based discrimination (anti-Protestant) from the Spanish authorities and UEFA must result in a replay, it’s that simple.

    • armstrong? ye cannae be related to me? antidisestablishmentarianism mair like. free roger the wobber.

  7. We know some of these replies are almost certainly timmies taking the ****, but they are kind of funny. But the issue is dead serious.

  8. THe club need to get legal advice and pursue some kind of action on behalf of the fans who had to go through this torture.There will be something in this bcoz money is the route of all evil

  9. I have being to world Cup finals European championships semi and finals I have being to some of the best stadiums in the world and for uefa to have a final in that stadium was a joke no water and the police were a joke taking sun cream phone chargers water make up of women takin medicine of older guys not letting them in the ground with there medicine is dangers to people and uefa not having any English speaking staff to help people

  10. There was family’s drinking water non stop using their hat’s and tops like fans for air the Rangers fans and also the Frankfurt fans could not sing and support the way their known to be like so UEFA must be held accountable to all fans that day in and outside.

    EDIT Nice try Steven 😉

  11. I wasn’t at the game but it sounds horrendous
    The supporters should contact RangersFC and demand answers
    Before I read this my wife was away getting her nails done when she came home ,she told me she got talking to one of the ladies who’s husband was at the game when he got home he slept for nearly two days she later found out her husband had been in hospital suffering from dehydration

  12. Uefa don’t want any teams from Scotland to come to the big boys play ground so why would they treat them with respect the have punished our great club with fines time and time again this season so we should take on the corrupt world body and demand answer unlike when Glen kamar was abused and they sweept it away yet they give one of there clubs a uefa final net year but we are RANGERS NO ONE LIKES US WE DONT CARE WATP

  13. Hallo Rangers,
    ich komme aus Deutschland und war alleine in Sevilla. Flieger und Züge zu 90% Frankfurter.
    Die inzwischen kleinen Probleme im großen Stadion werte ich als “olympischen Gedanken” unseres Clubs.
    Alles dort war besser als im Stadion vom FC (außer live) natürlich. 17 Uhr ging ich, soweit die Polizei mich gelassen hat zum Endspiel und habe gesehen, wie viele Rangers bereits körperlich geschwächt waren. Nirgends gab es Wasser zu kaufen.
    Dann schnell zurück zum Public Viewing.
    Gegen 1 Uhr am Flughafen habe den überwiegend kranken Zustand der Fans gesehen, auch im Flieger nach Frankfurt haben mir die deutschen Fans das Wasserproblem erzählt. In den deutschen Medien laufen die selben Berichte, wie bei Euch in UK.
    Diese Schande muss aufgearbeitet werden, am besten beide Vereine zusammen!
    Ich wünsche allen betroffenen Fans “Gute Genesung!”.

  14. An absolute disgrace iagree with everything that has been said
    I was there and encountered all xof
    Im nback in the U.K. now and recovering in hospital in Leyland
    Was the whole escpde attemted murderny UEFA and the Spanish police diven by money and profit with ZERO tegard to normal football fans

  15. German guy’s post translated
    Hello Rangers,
    I am from Germany and was alone in Seville. Planes and trains are 90% Frankfurters.
    I see the small problems in the big stadium as “Olympic thoughts” of our club.
    Everything there was better than in the FC stadium (except live) of course. At 5 p.m. I went to the final as far as the police would let me and saw how many Rangers were already physically weak. There was nowhere to buy water.
    Then quickly back to the public viewing.
    Around 1 a.m. at the airport, I saw that the fans were mostly ill, and the German fans on the plane to Frankfurt also told me about the water problem. The same reports are running in the German media as you do in the UK.
    This disgrace must be worked up, preferably both clubs together!
    I wish all affected fans “Get well soon!”.

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