Rangers may have lost in Seville, but we won a lot more…

Rangers may have lost in Seville, but we won a lot more…
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Rangers line up during a penalty shoot out during the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

If there’s one massive positive to come out of Wednesday’s loss to Frankfurt, it’s the way we lost. Now many fans think losing on penalties is the worst way to lose, but in reality if you do have to lose, it’s the best.

It means you didn’t simply get well beaten, you weren’t out of your depth, and you can hold your head high.

Yes, there’s the gutting aspect of the flick of a boot/penalty being the difference between exalted glory and horrible defeat, but 2008 was a lot worse.

It was way worse because we weren’t in the match at all, we were well beaten and we didn’t have the tools to come close to finishing the job.

But this time, we can hold ourselves high – sure, it’s devastating to lose, but it’s worse to lose by being outclassed or deservedly beaten.

To get to this stage was incredible, and to come as close as we did was even better.

It took the unstoppable Frankfurt to beat us, and they could only do it via penalties.

There is nothing to be sad about, and everything to be proud of.

And we came back with glory to beat Hearts and win the cup.

It wasn’t all bad, not at all.

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  1. Not sure I entirely agree with you. I agree that we went into the 2008 final with no belief we could actually win. As a result it wasn’t really that painful when we lost and we gave ourselves a big pat on the back. But this time was painful beyond belief. To lose after taking the lead late on, to give away a really sloppy goal, to miss a golden opportunity in the final minute, then to score 4 excellent penalties and lose will hurt for years to come. Even more when we think how close we actually came without really playing that well. That’s gonna hurt.

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