Rangers’ future, for Jimmy and many others

Rangers’ future, for Jimmy and many others
Gone but never forgotten (Credit Rangers FC)

With the loss of Jimmy Bell, Rangers just lost a key member of our family, but we at IN would also like to take a moment to commemorate all the fans who are no longer with us, since the long Journey began.

Today we are just 90 minutes away from a European final. Win this match and no matter what happens our team will be remembered as finalists.

But to get there, we have to beat RB Leipzig, a team that was literally made by their owners simply throwing around mega-millions.

The thing is, Rangers have been here before. We have played against teams whose operating budget are sometimes 10 times, even 50 times greater than ours.

Yet we won those games.

In the end football is not about money. It is about playing as a team.

And though our players are not considered to be the best in the world, they have played so many games together that they work as a team. That is why Rangers have been able to defeat so many big names. Teams that are made up of very talented individuals who play together as individuals, and after just one or two years they are already looking for a new team to play with.

There is no doubt about it, today is going to be a very tough match, against players who are not afraid to pull down their opponents….but as we have often said, if we want to be credible in the future in the Champions league we need to be able to play at this level every single week.

This Rangers team has the ability to get a result against this RB team, as long as we don’t separate our lines, and we keep our play quick and tidy.

Earlier in the season we beat Real Madrid.

It’s now time to show that win was no fluke.

It’s now time to complete the Journey, and for Jimmy, and all our Rangers family, let’s make Ibrox roar.

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  1. Just got to do this tonight 150 years, 50 years from last triumph,uncle Walter, Jimmy Bell and as you say all the rangers family sorely missed let’s do it for them . Watp 🇬🇧🔴⚪🔵

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