Rangers fans reckon Hagi is making the final

Rangers fans reckon Hagi is making the final
Is Hagi going to make Seville....??

The talk of fans today is Ianis Hagi’s shock appearance at Rangers’ media day yesterday for the Europa League final.

As we know, generally only players who will be part of the final are the ones featured here, albeit Kemar Roofe is a curate’s egg in that he’s prioritising his own training and work in a desperate bid to make Wednesday so he didn’t waste valuable recovery time by posing for pics.

Alfredo Morelos and Filip Helander also were absent, given as they are recovering on their own and more pertinently the latter is not in the UEL squad at all.

But here’s the kicker – neither is Hagi – he is completely ineligible for Wednesday’s final because he was omitted from the squad on injury grounds, like his Swedish colleague, so we cannot fathom why the press and some fans are hyping him up as a shock possibility for Seville.

Of course, perhaps we miss something – perhaps like bookings teams get a reset for the final and can refresh the squad for availability.

Maybe Hagi is shockingly available!

But we can’t really see it.

No, the reason for his being in the shoot is he’s probably the biggest star at the club, purely via his name.

His father was a legendary player, and he’s had a lot to live up to, but the name is huge and makes him a star by default.

So UEFA would have wanted him there for sure as part of the press content.

But making Wednesday. He’s barely fit, and he’s ineligible far as we know.

So, that’s something of a long shot…

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