Rangers confirm there will be NO beam back from Seville

Rangers confirm there will be NO beam back from Seville
This didn't happen, diabolically.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers have conceded today at long last that there is very unlikely to be a beamback or fan village for Rangers fans not travelling to Seville, due to lack of staff.

The absolute shocker for domestic Bears means the biggest event to happen to the club since, and maybe including Manchester will not be on the big screen unlike that trip to the City of Manchester Stadium.

Talking to the media today, MD Stewart Robertson dropped the bombshell:

“It’s very unlikely as most of the staff we’d need to run such a beam back are going to be in Seville so I don’t think that will happen. As much as we understand the desire of fans to be in one place together to watch it, I don’t think that’s going to be physically possible.”

In truth this makes little sense – the literal point of a beam back is BECAUSE the club is in Seville, not the other way around, and saying that the staff who would do it will be travelling to Seville is a bit of a paradox.

The staff who would have ‘run a beam back’ from Manchester remained at Ibrox to do so, so we’re left more than a bit bewildered as to the club’s position on this.

True, that was 14 years ago and times have very much changed, but many thousands of Bears are set to be left a bit disappointed by this one.

Club has really dropped the ball here.

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