Rangers’ Champions League dream begins now

Rangers’ Champions League dream begins now
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Rangers line up during a penalty shoot out during the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

After all the emotion over the last half year, I found myself thinking this Rangers team has done us proud.

The Journey is finally over (both of them)….and some of our team will forever be kicking themselves, but I think we should all take time to thank every single one of them, for giving us so much fun over the last few months.

I don’t know about you, but yesterday, when the cameras swung to the Europa Cup….it just felt so surreal, and it really hit home. Rangers were really at the final of a major European competition.

Yes, winning the Europa League would have guaranteed us Champions League football, but even in defeat we (Rangers) did something that no other team outside the top 5 leagues had ever done before.

We gate-crashed their event. And we didn’t only take over the Europa League, we also put a massive shadow over the Champions League.

Can you imagine so many fans turning up for Liverpool or Real Madrid?

Even the commentators in America were saying this was the first genuine European competition in years where the clubs were being supported by true football fans, who just love football, and not by millions in UEFA handouts,

Will some of our players now move on? Who knows, this is their careers, but let’s be honest. If it wasn’t for the hundreds of millions that flow into the German and English Leagues, we would be competing with these so-called top European teams every single year, and they know it.

But even with all their money…the secret is finally out of the bag.

I have been saying this for years…despite all their wealth, these top teams are not that great.

Usually everyone is so scared when they play the top German and English teams, their fear guarantees they will lose.

But look at us…

Over the last few years we have now destroyed the top teams in the Portuguese league, the Dutch league, and now the German league.

Yes, we lost this final, but Rangers are back, and after 10 long years we are stronger than ever.

Next year our task is to try to win the Champions League. Something we at IN have long believed was possible, yes, even with this group of players…

It is time to shake up this corrupt Champions League, and show everyone that this year’s run was no fluke.

For us….This Dream Continues.

Up next is another cup final, and we should let our team know how much this run has meant to us.

It’s time to roar, because Rangers truly are back, and it was this group of athletes who finally completed the journey.

Thank You….there were so many happy memories.

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  1. Well said IN. The players have done the club proud and should be applauded. I don’t think some of our fans appreciate how far we’ve come in the last 10 years. I’m not sure I even believe it myself at times. A remarkable sporting achievement.

  2. The line between success and failure in sports can often be wafer-thin. Had Kent’s ball gone it, it would have been Rangers partying now. I think the players can be proud of what they have achieved in Europe this season. Of course, they will be devastated. Who wouldn’t after coming so, so close. There can only be one winner. But over time I hope they will appreciate what they’ve achieved in Europe in the last few years. As supporters we should be proud too! I can’t remember a season before this one when we overcame two German teams, beating one of them on their home turf. Let’s hope they find the mental and physical strength to win the cup tomorrow. I think they will.

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