Juve try to free Ramsey as Rangers stay well clear

Juve try to free Ramsey as Rangers stay well clear
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Aaron Ramsey of Rangers looks dejected as they are consoled by Kemar Roofe following defeat in the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

It’s not really a Rangers story, entirely, that is, but Aaron Ramsey’s spell at Juventus is most certainly at an end, with the Turin giants trying to figure out a way to mutually consent him and avoid paying out his full final year deal value, said to be around £24M.

The Wales star, on a wage of around £500,000pw week in Italy, has not worked out at all in Serie A, and he seeks a ‘mutual consent’ of an acceptable amount before he leaves southern Europe for good.

An opening for Rangers?

Not a chance.

He was not good enough at Rangers, showing only rare glimpses of his former quality and spending 90% of his spell in Govan on the treatment table.

Neither Ramsey nor Rangers got a thing out of his loan spell, and of course he’ll be sadly most remembered for that penalty.

He would also be expected to accept not only a gigantic drop in wages to around £20,000 tops a week, but the likelihood of a pay as you play contract, with Rangers determined not to lose any money on a giant gamble like Ramsey.

Ramsey’s best bet is to move to the Middle East or China, where moneybags galore are in play, and where a player’s reputation precedes him, rather than his recent troubles.

No smaller clubs in Europe can afford his expected wages and no top clubs that can will touch him with a bargepole.

Sadly for Ramsey he’s ended up in the Jack Wilshere stable, where a fairly young player who once had the world at his feet will struggle for a new gig.

Seems like a decent chap, but Rangers should and will stay well away.

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  1. Half a mil a week sounds like hes won the lottery there,
    Sum money for someone who canny score a penalty geez
    Good luck but no thankyou
    Not good enough for the famous

  2. I’m pretty sure the salary mooted is very exaggerated but regardless of that you have to question the money in football now. Ramsey is a decent player on his day but to be on whatever salary Juve are paying him he’d need to be catching the eye a lot more. I wish the guy well and hope he gets to play for a few years yet, just not for us over our wage budget. As for the pen the blame lies with Gio not Ramsey. The guy had barely featured but was shoved on just for that one pressure moment and if Gio wanted him for pens he should have given him more minutes to warm up. It can’t be easy coming on minutes before and not being given the chance to build some adrenaline or feel for the game. If anyone was going to be the fall guy it was him. Shame really but he should never have walked up those marble stairs in the first place. The most expensive publicity stunt in our history.

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