Juve to free Aaron Ramsey – Rangers to make permanent deal?

Juve to free Aaron Ramsey – Rangers to make permanent deal?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 21: Aaron Ramsey of Rangers celebrates with the Scottish Cup trophy following victory in the Scottish Cup Final match between Rangers and Heart of Midlothian at Hampden Park on May 21, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It has been confirmed Juve will be freeing Aaron Ramsey this summer, with talks begun over a mutual consent termination.

Now, we’re on a bit more of a high after today’s cup triumph, and Ramsey, quite rightly, was greeted with warmth at Hampden this afternoon – he didn’t deserve abuse.

But does Juve’s news mean a free signing for Rangers this summer in the Wales international?

Is this a direction we want to go in?

No question that his loan hasn’t worked out – there’s been rare glimpses of his undeniable talent, and his football brain is miles ahead of most players at Ibrox, but the injuries destroyed him and there’s no coincidence Juve want shot of him and were happy to loan him out.

So what do we do with this story?

Do we take a big gamble on the lad and sign him on a free?

Wages would not be an issue – Ramsey is NOT a lucrative Bosman – he’s like Christian Eriksen, for right or a wrong, a risk, and big clubs in big leagues will be unlikely to be interested.

So he’s clearly going to be willing to take a big cut just to get playing again.

But do we want him?

There’s the theoretical Ramsey who would be the best player in the SPL by default, and there’s the injured mess we ended up with.

Take a chance? Say goodbye? What say you?

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  1. If we could get him on a pay as you play deal he’d potentially be a great signing (and add a sell on clause because if he hits top form he’d soon be in demand).

  2. Not interested in him. Not unless hes gny play for sub £10k p/w. No more injury prones anymore. Its time we built our strongest squad possible, physically + mentally strongest.

    Prob best to let go Balogun, Helander, Ramsey, Jack(mabay), Roofe. I mean thats im guessing about 70k-80k in wages roughly tht are out injured most of season ? Not Ramseys but the rest. Then you have Hagi whos prob on another 20k. Hopefully tht was one off. Jack Simpson im guessing 15k. Ofoborh 5k – 10k ? , Itten 15k.

    Its starting to add up the wages we spend and dont get the players available or there simply not used. We need to use money more wisely, plus we will have extra to spend with our Euro run.

    I trust Gio will spend more wisely

  3. Take him on, he fits the pattern of Goldson, Kent, Tav, Bassey, looking for somewhere to call home. We won’t get full seasons from Greegsy or Davo next year but would be loath to see them go.
    Throw him the bone of Europe and I’m sure he’ll bite. Would be immense for us in the manner Defoe was. IMHO🇬🇧

  4. A respectful goodbye. The guy is a class player but he’d spend too much time on the treatment table. We have the influence of Arfield, Jack and maybe even Davis yet which will help the younger squad members. I’d rather we developed Lowry, McCann, Kelly, etc than invest in a player who might not be able to deliver what he knows he is capable of.

  5. I would offer him a year , a fit Ramsay is ideal for CL and to play through the 11 behind the ball in the SPFL . I’m sure a good pre season will get him sorted. I’m sure we can fix a deal that suits everyone .

  6. Just dont think hed play enough to make it worthwile its time we stop using the club as an A&E Dept.

  7. Bye bye that penalty says it all we have young player’s that are better than him hes been a waste of 2 million.

    • Have a pop at him if you like but don’t for having the guts to step up and take a penalty. Many wouldn’t have. Anyone from either side could’ve missed and I’ve seen some of the best players in the world miss.

  8. 100% worth the risk a full pre-season under his belt, he’d be a massive signing great opportunity to get someone of his class at a bargain basement price.

  9. Give him a good pre season and I think we would get a great player to bring the likes of Lowery ,McCann and McCausland to a higher level the 3 of them could start just now and young Weston so for me it would be a No brainer in keeping Ramsey at Ibrox.

  10. well he is not a Gazza, i think we need to spend on younger players who can give us a dividend later on, we need to give youth a chance, thats the way forward, first and fourmost win the league and let europe take care of its self, good luck to Aron

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