Former Ger reveals true reason Goldson is leaving Rangers

Former Ger reveals true reason Goldson is leaving Rangers
He will stay if the conditions are right...(Credit Rangers FC)

Former Rangers star Alan Hutton, no stranger to giving his opinion these days, has effectively confirmed, from speaking directly to Connor Goldson, that the only thing stopping the defender signing a new deal is money.

Goldson, 29, has had a bit of a fragmented relationship with the Rangers support ever since he joined, and certainly did his popularity no favours at Hampden v Hibs. He has, however, been exceptional this season in Europe topping all kinds of stats charts, with just the final being his major disappointment.

However, former Ger Hutton has spoken to the man himself and without admitting the words in directly explicit terms, did concede that the former Brighton centre half just wants more cash, a contract to really entice him.

And clearly doesn’t believe what he’s been offered lives up to that.

Goldson himself has always distanced himself from talking to the media about his contract, uttering vague rhetoric and leaving the chat to others, but the hard facts are unless Rangers offer him what he believes he is worth, he’s going.

And GVB knows it. And has publicly challenged him on it as well.


Goldson had no career before Rangers, and we have given him a platform no other club could have – so there is a bit of hand that feeds him here.

Equally though he has to look after himself and his family, and this could well be his last big payday so why not seek what you believe you are worth. Only have one chance at it.

End of the day, it’s down to money.

Nothing more.

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  1. I think we can live without Goldson,so basically he doesnt give a monkeys about the famous he just wants big cash for his shift regardless of the jersey
    Good luck


  2. Seems to me hes greedy. I dont get the “he needs look after his family” a lot people say, but hes on rough guess ,18m-25m already. He was prob on a decent wage down south. Especially in the EPL for a season. So hes a multi millionare already, why does he need another wage rise ? It looks like greed. I know his stats in europe are the best but i think we could replace with a lot better overall CB. One tht wants to be here.

    • I doubt if he “needs” the money but he’s in a position to earn much more so why not take full advantage. If you were earning £50k a year and a rival company offered you £100k what would you do?

  3. Good luck to him if he can get big money, he won’t see Europe again in a footballing sense but he can travel first class with the big bucks and probably be happy to move back to England, instead of business class and European football, his choice.

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