Eight things we learned v Ross County at Ibrox

Eight things we learned v Ross County at Ibrox
The players celebrate another goal.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers tonight comfortably put away a timid Ross County to complete the penultimate league win of the season with a 4-1 victory.

Player ratings are pointless, most players were in 1st gear saving themselves for a week from now, so instead here’s some things we ‘learned’ from a productive night in Govan.

1: The defence was far too easily carved open for County’s consolation, but equally it wasn’t on full concentration mode such was the dead rubber of this match. Just something to be wary of in a week’s time.

2: Rangers fans are finally seeing the Amad Diallo we told you we’d signed. He’s started to grow into the shirt, gained confidence, and scored a second goal in two matches. He looks quick, hungry, and working hard. Not everything he’s doing is working, but he’s got the gumption to try, and that’s the player we know he is. The change in fan opinion towards him is remarkable, although some of them should be deeply ashamed of the abuse they gave him in February and even more recently.

3: Fashion Sakala loves playing for the Rangers. He lacks composure, and frankly he’s not the best attacker we’ve ever had, but he has spirit and pace and is a complete nuisance for that. Yes, he’s not the smartest striker we’ve ever seen, and can fail to read the game properly at times, but you can’t fault his spirit.

4: Scott Wright is basically the Scottish Sakala. A very limited player, but has a role, a purpose, and Gio uses him well in that role. He’s good for dragging defenders around, and his running into channels opens up space. He lacks composure most of the time, but his troublemaking positioning is handy.

5: Alex Lowry is such a promising young player. He’s still rough, and he will make errors, but he’s showing excellent composure and confidence for one so young and has that youthful courage. He’s earned that new contract and we look forward to the future with him.

6: The best team in the SPL sadly did not win the title this season, it is possible for second best to win, and that’s that. Rangers didn’t so much throw it away as our opponent lucked their way to victory. A bit of both. Congrats.

7: We were very surprised by such a strong starting XI tonight – it felt risky, but we trust Gio and we believe in him to know what he’s doing, and Rangers ran out comfy winners in the end. His decision was again justified.

8: Penalty to Rangers.

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  1. Gio and the staff can shape S.Wright and F.Sakala into more polished players. Its possible. At 24 + 25 years old they arent youth players anymore, but still young enough to improve quite a lot, hopefully.

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