Eight things we learned about Rangers v Hearts

Eight things we learned about Rangers v Hearts
A moment he'll never forget (Credit Rangers FC)

Again, there’s no point rambling with player ratings after a dead rubber at Tynecastle, but we can look at a bunch of things we may have learned about Rangers following an easy 1-3 win.

1: Alex Lowry may have a bit to learn (he is 18 after all) but he’s on the right path to becoming a very promising Rangers player. He’s rough, of course, and he’s not going to get it all correct first time, but for one so long his composure, finishing, movement and pace are very impressive. Does need a bit of meat on his bones though. But an assist and a goal saw him as star man of the day.

2: Rangers barely put out a B team in this one and still comfortably romped home. Sure, in many ways it didn’t mean a lot to Hearts either, aside the ‘dress rehearsal’ for next weekend’s final, but they still put out the best team they had aside Souttar. The gulf between Rangers (and Celtic) and the rest has probably widened this season.

3: Aaron Ramsey hasn’t worked out, and while he shows occasional glimpses of his obvious talent, he tries too hard sometimes and frankly doesn’t fit in. He was a luxury signing, one we couldn’t possibly reject, but it’s been a fail. At least he got an assist though. Here, now he’ll score the winner in Seville…

4: Cedric Itten needed that goal so badly. The Swiss striker has had a shocking time of it this season, with a bum note in Germany then right down the pecking order at Ibrox on his return, the former St Gallen hitman has deeply struggled, so to see him with a smile on his face and a goal to his credit was lovely, frankly.

5: Rangers’ kids ain’t half bad at all. Lowry, Devine, King, McKinnon et all did themselves very proud and while not a lot was riding on this one, they still took their chances.

6: We now know 99% who WON’T start on Wednesday. Anyone out there today is very unlikely to be in the XI come Seville, albeit many of them will be on the bench. The only ones in with a slim shout are Davis, Ramsey and Arfield, and even then, probably not.

7: James Sands is about the most underwhelming player we’ve seen in the shirt. He doesn’t let his side down, he’s tidy, but if ever any man in the light blue didn’t stand out, it’s him. Maybe he’s happy like that. And a 90% passing level shows he didn’t exactly play poorly.

8: Jack Simpson couldn’t be more finished at Rangers if he tried, only getting on in a dead rubber with 20 minutes to go. Needs a new club desperately. But hey, unless our eyes deceived us, he got the armband…

Still, onto Seville. It’s all that matters now.

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  1. Itten scored against Frankfurt when in Germany, is he still in the euro squad anyone know ? Also, is it just me or does Ramsey mostly give the ball away ? I do agree he does put a shift in when fit, but he doesnt use the ball that well for a superstar player. Mabay its just a bit of rust still lingering, he was out a long time.

  2. Agree with most of that although I personally quite like Sands. Definitely think there is a tidy utility player in there. Regards point 3. My pal said he would score the winner in the Europa Final the day he signed how I laughed him off at the time but get yer bets placed now!

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