Did UEFA deliberately sabotage Rangers fans?

Did UEFA deliberately sabotage Rangers fans?
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Rangers fans enjoy the atmosphere watching the UEFA Europa League Final on a jumbo screen inside the Cartuja Stadium on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. Eintracht Frankfurt will face Rangers FC in the UEFA Europa League final on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

As we alluded to earlier…there seems to be something wrong in the way our fans were treated at the UEFA final.

And we weren’t going to say anything, because IN just isn’t into conspiracy theories.

But, it has got to the point this now needs to be investigated.

The facts are clear; and just so everyone is on the same page, these are

  1. Because of the return of Rangers, Scotland’s coefficient has stormed up the European table. In fact, no other country has advanced as quickly as Scotland.
  2. Money plays a large part in determining which teams are the best, and the European coefficients are set up to ensure the top leagues now have two parachutes to ensure they stay in European competitions and they keep generate points for their respective countries. Countries at the bottom have no parachute, and are out after one defeat.
  3. This new idea to give two positions to teams based on their “historical” contributions is only there to give their countries yet another parachute… to make sure the money stays in the top leagues.

The point I am trying to make is football is a business, and there are few businesses in the world that generate as much money as football.

And though we can argue about the details, when there are hundreds of millions floating around, those hundreds of millions will affect people’s thinking, and many people’s lives.

And this now takes us to the final…

All through the build-up, everyone was well aware of how big a part the Rangers fans have already played in the wins against two top German teams.

In fact there were hundreds of comments throughout European newspapers that the fans were Rangers 12th man.…and when Rangers could not rely on the fans, they were a completely different team.

So, we now come to the 100 million dollar question.

Were the actions taken on Wednesday designed to shut up the Rangers fans….with the organizers knowing full well that parched throats do not make for loud noise.

Now, I know how large events are arranged.

I have personally helped organise major International Kung Fu championships, and I been part of the World Championships in China, where the event literally takes over entire cities.

And the first item on the to do list is to talk to vendors who are all desperate to sell their stuff to fans, and to make sure all the participants have enough water and food.

To cut off water, and remove water from bags before entry, and then have an inadequate supply of water for sale at the venue suggests a conspiracy.

And that is why we are now calling for an independent investigation.

The organisers’ apologies ring hollow. They have run large events before, and they were aware, well in advance, that this week was going to be roasting hot.

And the stories we have heard suggest there was a massive difference in the way the two sets of fans were treated.

And just to jog your memories…there has been corruption before that has affected Scotland in Europe’s premier football competitions.

In the 1984 European Cup semi-final, Dundee United were eliminated after Roma bribed the referee to throw the match their way.

Dundee United has won the first leg 2-0, and Roma (through the help of the referee) turned it around and won 3-0 in the second leg.

This is not the way we wanted to finish this year’s run….but it’s time for an investigation.

We don’t need an apology.

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  1. My niece n nephew ( Scottish Supporter’s)were in Seville for the game. One side of the street sold beer at 2.5 euro when they closed the op bar charged 6euros. In m dude the stadium. You couldn’t buy a bottle of water!! They were told to drink tap water. TAP BLOODY WATER then that was turned off. The temp inside that stadium was 30*+ Absolutely shocking the way these travelling supporters from all over the world,were treated. Scotland, Britain, Australia, Canada, USA, to name some. It’s an absolute disgrace. Oh and only 1 arrest and he was from Germany. Shocking and an investigation is needed. Oh n another thing is SHAME off THE DAILY RECORD. We hope they now will go into liquidation as no RANGERS supporter or they’re families will buy there vile paper. To say I’m furious at the way our fans and supporters who spent great sums of money to get there, whilst there and home again nothing short of a DISGRACE

    • Excellent Jane , your story backs up all the texts I received from fellow Bears there. Shocking. The Daily Snp Record is a green leaning joke…we all need to boycott the bastards and the SNPBBC

  2. I was at the game and the situation was exactly the same for the Eintracht supporters. Being an Eintracht Fan and having only admiration for the Ranger Fans which I met inside and outside the stadium what are you complaining about? Sore loser? The Ranger Fans only congratulated us after the match. Great Fans!!!

    • You expect us to believe the Frankfurt fans had their water bottles removed when they’ve clearly based on the amount of pyro and flag poles they’ve not even been searched.
      Rangers fans were all forced to wait for hours to be searched and all their items removed like flag poles.

      It’s clear to me the Rangers support were deliberately silenced, at either UEFA’s instruction or by bribe from Frankfurt.

      Just the pyro in the 2nd half should be enough to force the game to be replayed.
      Frankfurt fans created a distraction and visual impairment through the 2nd half using illegal pyro which had been banned from the match.
      They clearly enabled by the stadium security.

  3. I was saying to the wife they supporters are in some mess wee got three quarters of the ground and you could not hear them cheering us on . Then wee scored it went wild for five minutes then quiet again, no wonder if they took the water 💦 of the fans , then turned the stadium water off ,a disgraceful way to treat any fan

  4. Its not conspiracy theory, its conspiracy fact. A group has conspired to work against the best interests of our club, and the facts are there to prove it.

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