City council to ignore Rangers fans as Seville looms

City council to ignore Rangers fans as Seville looms
This didn't happen, diabolically.... (Credit Rangers FC)

After it was unofficially confirmed Rangers will NOT have a beam back following vague utterances by the club that doing so would be logistically impossible, home-based Rangers fans are set to be disappointed that absolutely no fan zones or events appear to be getting set up whatsoever, with the club and the council frankly ignoring the fans remaining in Scotland or trying to come up north from England.

It’s a bit disappointing that only those travelling will be catered for, and while it’s a trip of a lifetime for many of them and could be the evening of a lifetime for all of them and us, those left behind have been rather overlooked.

It is estimated by police that around 100,000 Rangers fans will be in Seville, but for those who aren’t and hoped for an event at Glasgow Green, Hampden or Ibrox, there seems nothing will be provided.

This is a bit poor for those who couldn’t go to Seville for whatever reason, and does rather show a tone deaf response by the board and by the council of Glasgow to just dismiss and borderline ignore fans eager to get together in a staged event.

Instead, watering holes around the city and friends going to friends’ places is about as good as it will get, which frankly isn’t good enough.

And if you feel this article is ‘negative’, we care about all Rangers fans, not just the ones fortune enough to be in Spain for this sensational occasion.

Many more are not, and thousands if not hundreds of thousands remain in the UK, and will not be catered for.

Which isn’t great at all.

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  1. Absolutely shocking . Are Glasgow not proud enough to want to boost their club and fans moral. Poor show

    • Poor show from both the green leaning council. I couldn’t find anywhere in the southside where I could take my 9yr old to watch it. I thought it was hard trying to find a decent flight to seville until I tried to find tickets to watch it locally! Got fed up looking and managed to find a flight via Frankfurt/Munich to Seville. Been here since 3pm and just seen my first Frankfurt top! I think I might see a few more tomorrow flying from frankfurt/munich, wiah us luck!!

  2. Totally agree. I didnt get my vaccines so couldnt go. Thought there would hv at least been a fan zone set up by the council or something.

  3. Was never going to happen under the SNP/Green coalition which have ruined Glasgow. They are both republican parties who despise Rangers and its supporters.

    Rangers are not blameless either as Ibrox should have been opened up for beamback.

  4. Do football fane expect to be allowed to wreck the City?
    When they ALL learn to behave and celebrate properly
    perhaps the council will change their stance.

  5. the board are to blame 100% , IMO they are only interested in how much money they can squeeze out of the fans as for the council we all know they hate everything to do with the club so there is no surprise there

  6. When you consider there is a minority of the fan base who just can’t behave themselves I’m not surprised . The club has made its decision and tough as it is you have to respect it. There is absolutely nothing stopping those left at home organising their own events or are they incapable of doing so.

  7. They can never take away the pride we all feel for our club, what a journey from lower leagues to 55 titles and to cap off our recovery another European Final, bring it home Rangers and let the party really get under way.

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