Another UEFA disgrace off the back of Seville

Another UEFA disgrace off the back of Seville
Glasgow Rangers supporters celebrate after Rangers' Nigerian midfielder Joseph Ayodele-Aribo (not seen) scored his team's first goal during the UEFA Europa League final football match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium in Seville on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pierre-Philippe MARCOU / AFP) (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)

UEFA’s neglect of the paying customer once again came under stark examination last night amid the latest disgrace of a showpiece final.

From what we understand, off the back of dehydration of Rangers (and some Frankfurt fans) in Seville, local authorities, under the watch of Europe’s governing body, were at it again in Paris.

Not content with confiscating water and turning the supply off in the stadium, this time local authorities were pumping tear gas at kids and closing turnstiles before fans were inside.

This has led to accusations the fans were trying to pull a fast one, but of course it’s easy to accuse supporters of malevolence when you don’t know the facts (and it would be better if Rangers fans didn’t accuse other supporters of miscreance given what happened to us).

Even Andy Robertson has confirmed this maltreatment happened to him and his family, with claims his tickets were forgeries, and the more fallout we hear the worse it sounds.

UEFA have not only not apologised, but have laid the blame on Liverpool fans completely and wiped their hands of it, but given how our own supporters were treated, this comes as no real shock.

The governing body of our game continues to reign diabolical, and the sooner it’s cleared out and people with football’s best interests at heart (and not their own wallets) come in the better.

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