Allan McGregor will decide on Rangers future when he is ready

Allan McGregor will decide on Rangers future when he is ready
Rangers' Scottish goalkeeper Allan McGregor claims the ball during the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The Allan McGregor story was a rare exception from Football Insider – using Rangers’ name for clicks but making it a positive spin, the Goalie said to be signing a new deal.

Official partner Heart & Hand disputes this, mostly through conjecture, but sensibly acknowledged the only one who actually knows for sure if he’ll stay is the man himself.

But information we have is health reasons, which have held our number one back for quite a while, will lead to his retirement this summer but with his going out on the glory of a Europa League final.

Maybe he’ll change his mind if Rangers win the final, because who wouldn’t want one last crack at the UCL with the absolute glory on offer if Rangers prevail in Seville.

But as things stands, it’s a lot more likely he will hang his gloves up.

Domestically he’s struggled a bit this season, leaving his better form for the UEL, with some big saves at key moments.

But he’s been clearly a little bit below his staggering best from last season, in which we’d argue aside ‘that’ save in Bremen in 2008, he was probably in the form of his life.

This season, he’s definitely not shone as much, owing as much to physical limitations now as he ages plus those health issues as it is form.

Either way, Allan McGregor has earned the right to, as Lewis Hamilton put it in Formula, word it like this:

“Working on my masterpiece, I’ll be the one to decide when it’s finished.”

And that’ll be that.

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