Absolute nonsense claim again from Rangers’ board

Absolute nonsense claim again from Rangers’ board
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We have to admit Stewart Robertson’s claim that Rangers made more from the UEL so far this season than we would have getting to the UCL group stage is quite simply a load of piffle.

As we’ve demonstrated to you, Rangers have made £12M from prize money and around £8M, give or take, from home gates, and with a further £8M for winning the thing that could rise further but the estimated total at this moment is £20M.

It’s not bad for sure, but to suggest the CL is inferior in financial reward is absolute nonsense of the worst order.

The basic group prize for getting into the CL is £15M. That’s right, straight off the bat the prize fund is £15M. There’s also the co-efficient prize (£7M), gate receipts (anything up to £8M), and the lucrative TV pot which would be anywhere up to £20M basic and more if Celtic hadn’t already secured their place.

So, at pure basic guaranteed level the CL bare bones around £40M for simply being there and winning nothing while having full home crowds.

And Rangers have made about £20M in the UEL by getting to the final.

We don’t want to have a go at the board again (lord knows they deserve it frankly) but to try to spin our journey to the final as being more financially rewarding is our very own Seville calculator and the board should stop trying to taking fans for fools with this kind of garbage propaganda.

Let’s enjoy the UEL, the reputation it’s given us, the credibility our club now has and the respect we’ve gained, plus get rightly excited about the tantalising prizes on offer if we should win.

Let’s not come up with twaddle about the UEL earning us more than the CL would.

That’s borderline gaslighting.

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  1. Surely we made a lot more gate receipts than £8m from 9 home sell outs. The 4 knock out games must’ve been close to £2m per game, the 3 group games around £1.5m each, and 2 qualifying rounds around £1m each. That’s around £15m.

    • We were being pretty crude with the numbers, your calculations are fair, but it still doesn’t match the UCL.

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