Unprecedented award as Rangers pay tribute to Ryan Jack

Unprecedented award as Rangers pay tribute to Ryan Jack
A well deserved award...

While his form may not have yet hit the heights it did pre-injury, Ryan Jack’s recovery from that injury has been itself acknowledged by the John Greig Achievement award at Rangers’ Awards dinner last night.

It’s the first time we’ve been aware of an injury recovery being given an award, but it’s the commitment he’s put in over a year that has been recognised, which only gives a bit of a story as to how serious this situation actually was.

Jack has had a multitude of injuries over the years, but this one was the worst, and saw many setbacks and niggles along the way.

From our understanding, the surgery he had last summer wasn’t just one procedure, but two, and we believe there were major issues with his back as well as with his calf and knee, and the session under the knife was extensive.

As a result, not only regaining the ability to fully walk and run, but to be back playing European football when his career was in serious doubt is certainly worthy of the award.

Jack is one of us, a true Ranger. He never gave up, and in time he’ll be back to full pelt and forming a devastating duo with John Lundstram. We’ve seen hints of that already.

But for now, the club has hinted at just how serious those injury troubles were, and how well Jacko has done to get himself back on track.

Well played.

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  1. I think it shows what the people at the club think of him. The award isnt necessarily for what is done on the pitch but for upholding the standards of being a Ranger. I mean the legend that is Tiny won it previously and as far as I’m aware she never got a start for the famous. A well deserved award in my opinion.

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