UCL £40M shock in the air as Rangers & Celtic ‘swap’ places

UCL £40M shock in the air as Rangers & Celtic ‘swap’ places
TURIN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 14: UEFA Champions League logo at The Juventus Stadium during the UEFA Champions League Group H match between Juventus FC and Sevilla FC at Juventus Stadium on September 14, 2016 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

There is now an SPL shock in the air after the .0001 scenario for CL group participation for SPL champion started to come true following Villarreal’s stunning win over Bayern.

The current SPL champion place is 99.999% guaranteed as long as the CL is not won by a side who aren’t in their country’s league CL slots at present. Villarreal are 7th, and have made the semifinals of the UCL with next-to-no hope of making the group slots for LaLiga this season.

Which means Scotland’s champions are now looking at the very real possibility that they will be in the qualifiers after all.

The impossible probability of this happening took a serious and tangible step forward and if Celtic do indeed, as many Rangers fans believe, win the league this year, there’s a massive possibility they will now NOT make the group stage of the CL because they are absolutely garbage and would get pumped out the qualifiers. Should Villarreal stun the competition and win.

Meaning they do NOT get the £40-£50M of filthy lucre.

Meanwhile Rangers, proven Euro specialists, SHOULD be able to negotiate the qualifying rounds whether as champions or runners-up meaning, if all the astonishing conditions come together, that Rangers would be Scotland’s only representative in the CL and would gain every penny in the pot after all.

It’s very, very early days, but it might just be if Celtic do win the league, we haven’t just gifted them a CL group spot and over £40M after all…

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  1. Ya fuckin beauty,👅
    Lets all do the bouncy,so winning the diddy league means fuckall afterall
    The snp will be fkn sick about this news
    Bouncy bouncy bouncy

  2. Of course, as ever, hope springs eternal but I can’t see Villareal lift the CL trophy with Liverpool and Manchester City still in the competition.

  3. Sorry but your misinformed.
    If villarreal win the champions league, they go straight into the group stage. The place in the groups they would have would come from the team which finishes 4 in the French league. This is because out of the big 5 leagues, the French league is the bottom ranked.so you would only have 3 French teams in the champions league instead of 4.
    It could work out that Scotland has 3 teams in the champions league next season
    So if the mob from the east win the league, they would be in the champions league groups. If we win the Europa League, both teams would be in the groups and hearts would be in the champions league qualifiers

  4. It is totally sickening and ironic we have lost out and possibly handed those rotten mob this opportunity . It would be justice should the Villareal scenario come to fruition given it was us alone that gained this prestige. Oh how I ache at those shitty slack draws we flung the title away with . FUCK !

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