Staggering truth behind Morelos injury reveals SPL shock

Staggering truth behind Morelos injury reveals SPL shock
The man it all rests on....(Credit Rangers FC)

A shock stat has emerged which has suggested Alfredo Morelos is the player on whom the entire SPL title rests.

Rather than just his injury costing Rangers the league, there’s more to it, and the reality is slightly grimmer for Rangers fans. In some senses. Bear with us.

Morelos has missed a number of matches this season, making in total 26 appearances for Rangers in the league. We have won 76% of those matches.

The ones he’s missed, 7, Rangers have won 4 of, 57% win rate.

Obviously without Morelos we’ve won a lot less than we have with, but here’s the key factor.

Celtic’s win rate this season is 81%. So even with Morelos in the side, we’d still be lagging in second place.

However, that 81% includes the two Rangers wins, so take them away, given neither had Morelos, and it’s around 75%. Marginally below Rangers with Morelos.

Morelos is literally the player the season swings on – with him, Rangers and Celtic are neck and neck. Without him, Celtic are so far over the horizon it’s not funny.

That said, Rangers’ win at Paisley was a good sign of life without the Colombian, so perhaps there is hope yet.

We still have to face them once more…

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  1. Probably true but statistically Kemar Roofe has a better strike rate in the SPL than Morelos with 24 in 44 games compared to Alfredo’s 23 in 55 since Roofe’s arrival. Personally I find that stat quite remarkable given that Roofe rarely gets a run of games and many of his games are off the bench.

    • Not that surprising mate when you consider Roofe is a finisher and Morelos a target man. Alfie never really been a big goalscorer. It’s everything else he adds that makes him indispensible. But we hope that’s wrong hereon in.

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