SPFL drop the ball again after VAR vote farce emerges

SPFL drop the ball again after VAR vote farce emerges
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge on July 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

The SPFL have bungled again after confirming the vote for VAR will include the views of all SPFL clubs, despite the verdict only affecting the top flight.

With the tech on the cusp of arriving in Scotland, the governing body has, as per usual, opened the thing up to a vote, and that will be carried out imminently, but despite the outcome not affecting Cowdenbeath or Elgin City, both of these clubs and more will get a say on it.

True, there’s anticipation for a future Championship club to be SPL again next season, but the fact League One and Two clubs will also get their say does seem to be a completely redundant vote, for a vote that already hits the upper scale of ludicrous in the first place.

The tech requires 75% of clubs to say yes, but that we’ll need 32 clubs to say yes (albeit to be exact it’s 31.5 whatever half of the club in question that means) and there’s zero guarantee of it.

The costs will mostly be carried by Rangers and Celtic, with the top two bearing around 28% of the full numbers, but third place is still 10% so we’d be amazed if the Hearts and Ross Counties of this world say yes to this.

But it’s that extra 30 clubs being asked when it won’t affect 95% of them that really smacks of the obligatory SPFL nonsense.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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  1. Var is now part of the European game and if Scotland refuse to adopt it then we should be banned from all European competition , referees in Scotland could use all the help they can get every week we see liberties which is costing clubs not getting what they are entitled to a fair football match and it’s wide open to the man in the middle cheating.

  2. This is not ball dropping ffs it’s total sabotage Those green leaning shitbags do not want this..Its the usual garbage we get shovelled out every serious issue. Why oh why should Bobby Blazer from Montrose get to vote its a joke. Like everything on SNP Green Land its a carve up .

  3. All makes perfect sense for our game to be more open and honest. Which is why it won’t happen. The SPFL perfectly mirrors Scotland today as it is run by our Scottish Government. Petty and parochial with a huge chip on its shoulder. God help us all if we ever get independence.

    • Spot on Robrob57, for God’s sake I wish the people in this dictatorship called Scotland wake up and shut this mess down as soon as possible by getting them out of office ASAP.

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