Sky Sports ditch Rangers

Sky Sports ditch Rangers
Yet another fight over Sky and the SPFL....

Sky Sports have ditched Rangers after it was confirmed the broadcasting giant will only cover two of Rangers’ split fixtures, while covering all five of Celtic’s.

Rangers’ trip to Fir Park will be live, as of course will the trip to Parkhead, but after that all matches will not be covered and instead only Celtic’s will.

It is a very bad move from Sky as things stand, and while arrangements are of course subject to alteration, that the main home of Scottish football on TV have rejected Rangers matches is an absolutely bizarre and curious decision.

It is what it is, and for now the only way to watch these matches will be either by attending or Rangers TV.

Normally both Rangers and Celtic matches are shown live in the split, 9 or 10 matches depending on results.

Usually both sides of Glasgow are high priority and get shown as a matter of standard.

But this year it’s completely different.

And we wonder how angry fans will be who can’t attend the matches.

Poor show Sky.

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  1. I can understand them showing all CFC matches as they’ll want to “be there” when the league title is won, as in all probability it will, but to exclude Rangers is baffling. Did they show all CFC’s matches in last year’s run-in, when they were so far out of the race it was hardly worth the effort other than for the laughs?

  2. They just know they can take the p1ss. As we have a weak doughnut running our game (Doncaster), who undersells it, undermines it, and tbh running our game into the ground. Broadcasters are even dropping our games now even after paying to show them.

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