Reports: cut-price £13M put on Rangers Alfredo Morelos

Reports: cut-price £13M put on Rangers Alfredo Morelos
Football - 2021 / 2022 UEFA Europa League - Qualifying - 1st Leg - Glasgow Rangers vs Alashkert - Ibrox Stadium Alfredo Morelos of Rangers scores the winner to make it 1-0 to Rangers PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

Rangers have reportedly attempted to cut Alfredo Morelos loose this summer with a £13M price tag after the star striker’s season was ruined through injury, affecting the rest of the team.

With the injury forward unavailable till pre-season at the earliest, sources claim Rangers want to maximise a return on his value by selling him come summer with a price tag a little lower than his market value, based on his current fitness status.

Morelos has been core integral this season, and the loss of him has wrecked Rangers’ title aspirations and potentially all other ones too, but with his contract winding down now (out of contract in just over a year) and Rangers seeking funds, information claims the club will seek to start afresh in June by shipping him out now before his value deteriorates.

At 25 Morelos is certainly ready for his PL bow, and he’s wanted that league for a long time – but no solid offers of an acceptable nature ever arrived from down south.

But with things changing through his surgery, reports claim Rangers are happy to take a good chunk of cash for a currently injured player and try to rebuild the squad for next season.

More as we get it.

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  1. I thinks it’s about time we ousted the board rather than let them sell all our best players, cheap too 😢😠

  2. Actually it was 120M and Derek’s already explained why we put that value on his head. As for now, well, he’s in the last year of his deal and he’s injured. If he’s not signing a new deal we’re not going to get his proper market value for him.

  3. We know we were never going to get 120M? That’s what he explained. You obviously didn’t grasp the finer details.

  4. Yup, you didn’t read or understand Derek’s point. We did NOT say he’s worth £120M. So we’ll leave it there for you to figure it out. Or go have your lunch, whatever you prefer 🙂

  5. My understanding is that Liverpool have a 30% sell on clause for Kent. So if we sell him £10m they will get £3m and we’ll be left with the £7m that we paid for him. Have we really developed Ryan Kent for the past 3 years, exposed him to high level European football, let him play for a huge club in big pressure games in front of packed houses so that we could break even when we sell him. I think not.

  6. We need to get as much money as we can for all of our players. No Brainer. I would like to hope we can get the prices we can expect during negotiations. I hope Ross Wilson and GVB are getting plans together now and identifying targets. I would like to see players coming in that are fully aware of the requirements to play in this shit league we are in , not hammer throwers but Hardy boys who want to go further and be winners , not softies who can’t play or dig in and have managed aggression and want to win at all costs. We may lose this league this year because we didn’t beat dross at Ibrox , not the OF games ffs .

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