Rangers ready to give up on VAR with imminent vote

Rangers ready to give up on VAR with imminent vote
He's going to have assistance....

So we were a little premature in announcing that VAR will be introduced in Scottish football. Effectively, it will. The SFA have prepared for its arrival with full training and application for new staff, and current refs have all worked hard on implementing it.

The one big caveat is the literally absurd vote the SPFL insist on carrying out, and to the best of our knowledge, not a single vote we’ve ever seen in Scottish football has ever resulted in anything which favoured Rangers.

The original SPL entry vote – rejected, the season ending early award to Celtic, granted, and now this.

We are pretty much willing to guarantee Scottish clubs will reject this on grounds of being unable to afford it, which is what the SPFL are banking on.

They do not want VAR, but have bowed to public and shareholder pressure by going through the paces of pretending they do.

The SFA are the ones who have actually gotten the ball rolling on this, actually put the tech into play and hired staff to run it.

The SPFL are the ones insisting on another stupid vote, one they’ve done everything in their power to rig to their outcome, by getting a rejection of VAR.

Initially charging clubs £100,000 a year, which they already baulked considerably at, Doncaster then decided to double that fee to try to cement clubs’ inability to afford it.

The only two who can are Rangers and Celtic.

End of the day the vote takes place in two weeks, and we’d be absolutely amazed if the clubs vote for it based on how the SPFL have rigged it the other way.

The SFA do want it, but our league bosses don’t.

Guess there can still be miracles?

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  1. Why does Neil Doncaster keep his job ? Ive asked this a few times in the past to several different people but no one can give me answer. He gives himself wage rises, he undersells our lge with both sponsorship and TV deals, now hes charging clubs to put VAR in when surely it should be the SPFL tht funds it. Who keeps him in a job, i mean who can actually give the guy a p45, or is it a vote ? Contract ? Or how does it work

  2. If Scottish football does not want to improve then they deserve all they get in a negative manner. This backwards backwater has to through away the dummy and grow up.
    It is a laughing stock without VAR and there should be no place in a world cup for a country that does not value applying the rules of the game.

  3. There is no way this disgrace can be defended its bent FFS ! Montrose , Cowdenbeath deciding on our highest honours by voting against VAR . Its embarrassing , its typical and the forward movement of this cesse pit of a green infiltrated country is downwards and backwards. Disgrace and shameful.

  4. If we want to be seen as a major league in Europe we have to bring in VAR, all other major leagues in Europe already have or will have shortly. Asking lower league clubs to vote on it is pointless as very few of them will ever get a sniff of playing in Premiership. If clubs already in league don’t vote it in then they can stop bleating on about dodgey decisions going against them. If Doncaster isn’t happy he should jack it and let someone who has the interest in taking our Premier League forward do the job.

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