Rangers ready for Braga with “nothing to fear”

Rangers ready for Braga with “nothing to fear”
BRAGA, PORTUGAL - APRIL 07: Calvin Bassey of Rangers FC reacts during the UEFA Europa League Quarter Final Leg One match between Sporting Braga and Rangers FC at Estadio Municipal de Braga on April 7, 2022 in Braga, Portugal. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

OK, I’m going to start with a wee rant.

With so many injuries and a series of bad results the air of despondency around Rangers is so damn thick it’s really annoying me.


Because in any of the top leagues, it’s just routine every day stuff to play four or five must-win-games in a row, where every single team you are playing against is world class.

And let’s be honest. On their day, when all their three leaf clovers aligned, once upon a time Celtic were able to beat some good European teams…

So, to have a five games series in which we play Braga-Celtic-Braga-Celtic (I dropped St Mirren from the list), is just normal level football, in all the top five European Leagues, and if we want to be able to do well in the Champions League this is what we have to get used to, even when we are carrying injuries.

So…. will we see our youth team given a shot at playing tomorrow? Knowing Gio, probably not a chance. Unless we are absolutely forced to, Rangers almost never give young players any time in the first team, and certainly not in a must-win game, where so much money is on the line.

This means we will have to go with what we have got, and we need to hope that our team has learned their lesson.

If we are too far apart our players become isolated, and all Braga have to do is to run at our defenders at 100 MPH, and our back line will just punt the ball up the park, and give the ball away.

If we play like we did against St Mirren, as compact groups, we have a chance to play out from the back and have Braga chasing shadows.

We did this against Red Star. We also did the same against Dortmund, and we can do it again against Braga.

This is the time for our team to stand up and work their wee socks off, and to show they truly deserve to be at the top table. The semi finals are on the line in this one.

And if they play as a team there is no reason to fear anyone tonight or going forward.

Game on.

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