Rangers and the ‘new’ European Super League

Rangers and the ‘new’ European Super League
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Slightly off-topic this one, but we had to laugh at the recent breaking news about Uefa introducing ‘historic attainment’ to add new Champions League spots, as PL clubs accused them of creating their very own ‘European Super League’.

Well, no offence, but duh?

When the original story about the ESL broke, every pundit under the sun, 99.99% of all football fans and indeed Uefa themselves decried the story, declaring it as a disgrace, a violation of football, an appalling sacrilege of the beautiful game.

The truth was that Uefa were just miffed a rival group would eat into their profits. So chief hypocrite Alex Ceferin declared, with a dark, disturbed voice, how dreadful this was, while he sat ironically in front of banners with ‘respect’ adorned all over them.

The idea died, it lost. Ibrox Noise was one of the few not to have issue with it reckoning a Euro Super League could be an intriguing idea.

But UEFA’s wallet was safe.

And the only reason they were furious was they hadn’t thought of it first.

It’s interesting to note that now they’ve come up with a version of the idea themselves, the outrage over it from fans and media groups alike is pretty much non-existent.

It’s exactly the same thing – clubs with no ‘right’ to compete at that level are now to be gifted the spot, something they didn’t earn, other than ‘being themselves’.

Nottingham Forest, Villa, Genoa, Celtic, Rangers – could be gifted a place in the CL just for historic achievement and not for earning the spot.

And that isn’t right.

At least it’s not right if it’s not Uefa’s idea.

The hypocrisy in Europe’s governing body is laughable, and we’re beyond the point of being surprised.

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