“Nearly a masterclass – 8” Rangers players rated v Leipzig

“Nearly a masterclass – 8” Rangers players rated v Leipzig
LEIPZIG, GERMANY - APRIL 28: Ryan Jack of Rangers applauds the fans after their sides defeat during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg One match between RB Leipzig and Rangers at Football Arena Leipzig on April 28, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)

Rangers gained a productive 1-0 loss at a tough venue to secure a real chance at a place in the final of the Europa League this season.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a pretty tight match in Germany.


Made one or two good saves and made himself huge for Nkuku’s glorious miss. Kicking was clean and he did little wrong. 8


Very quiet start, subdued as a RWB, but grew into the role and became more attacking. In the end he was a huge player and provided a critical outlet as Rangers as a whole got more into the match. 8


His best for a very, very long time – one massive tackle to prevent a goal, and got in the right places mostly at the right times, Goldson was everywhere. 8


Worked hard but definitely seems the kind of player to make a mistake then fix it, rather than just getting it right first time. Struggled a few times but also some big blocks. 6


One or two very intelligent pieces of football, did his best to try and buy time for his team mates, this was a more telling performance from the Fin and he was the best midfielder out there for the Famous. 7


Completely hamstrung as a CB and unable to exert himself on the match, but some good positioning and defending meant he was useful there and managed a massive 7 clearances. 7


Another quiet match from Jack who’s struggling to recover his old form. Looks like he is chasing shadows a lot of the time but he was certainly not awful. Played his part. 6


Not really in the match until he was put up front, then he started controlling the front line, only to be strangely moved wide for Sakala, it was a mixed one from Aribo. 7


He was completely out of his depth, no one losing the ball more than he did. Could only manage 50% of his passes and was useless as an attacking entity. But then, he’s not a player for this level and we were surprised Gio picked him. But he did work hard even if he lacked the football brain to make the right runs. 5


Our biggest danger, Kent nearly got a critical goal for us, and was making runs which weren’t being picked out because Lunny was too deep to see them. Best passer on the night for Rangers, Kent definitely missed a target man making space for him. 7



Has no football brain like Wright and the sub was completely vacuous. Wright and Sakala are much the same player. 5


Couldn’t understand why he got the nod over Davis. 3


Should have started over Wright. But zero impact. n/a


Gio will be absolutely delighted to come away with this result. We might have lost, but his team was set up for damage limitation in having no striker, and his tactics were nearly a masterclass in getting a result away from home, but for a world class finish no one could do a thing about. He set up a surprise team which might not have fully clicked into action, but it blind sided RB who were unable to play through it. A good night from Gio, job is more done than it was at the start of the match. 8

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  1. I was saying all week play Aribo CF. I dunno why we took until 2nd half to do it, then change him again to wide. It was working with him as our target forward. We were getting out more.

  2. Really disappointed with GVBs substitutions they cost us big time. Aribo should never have been taken off . WTF is Sands he’s hopeless ….. we let them off the hook . We can beat them at Ibrox . Onwards .

  3. On another point folks, could the commentary team of Graigen, Rory whsthisnamre and Ally , then Sutton and Co sound anymore dismissively unexcited of Rangers . Absolute disgrace . Sutton is a wretch he hates Rangers .

  4. A wonder gaol yes but sadly the player who scored it has been doing it a few times for them though the season like tav ,shame weren’t more alert to whom to pick up from that last corner . But as u say what a chance to reach the final 1-0 down at home next game offt so proud of what the team has done till now 1 more push hoping roofe makes it and th crowd roars us to Saville 🇬🇧🔴⚪🔵

  5. A near-perfect defensive masterclass that has kept the dream of progressing to the final very much alive. Conceding late in the game, however, was a bit of a dampener after keeping Leipzig at bay for most of the time and will make the home tie a bit trickier to negotiate. Leipzig are doing very well away from home and Rangers need to come out a lot more.

  6. Getting more and more worried about Greegsy not coming off his line for crosses. There is confusion every time a cross comes into the 6 yard box

  7. Wright 5 what a joke far too high 2 or 3 at most totally out his depth couldn’t pass to a blue shirt as I have stated previously the new Brandon Barker not in terms of attitude or commitment but on ability not good enough for Rangers and should be off loaded in the summer.

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