“Imperious – 10” – Rangers players rated v Celtic

“Imperious – 10” – Rangers players rated v Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 17: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst celebrates with James Tavernier during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Hampden Park on April 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers finally overcame Celtic in Gio’s first win v the old enemy as manager.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a memorable afternoon at Hampden.


Bit shaky early on with some suspect footwork, but greater willing to come for cross balls even if Celtic’s attempts were weak. He was solid and had no chance with the goal. 7


Another excellent first half from Tav as he rampaged down the right while stopping much coming in at the other end, but he did fade slightly in the second 45 before getting his game right back as injury time approached. Vital assist for Scotty’s goal. 8


Notably energised in this one, seemed to want to answer his critics, but unfortunately guilty of some worrying overplaying in his own box in spells. Used the ball well aside this and limited Celtic to very few real chances. 7


Guilty of quite a few lapses in concentration and is increasingly showing he’s not a CB by trade – a weak link for a lot of this one, he balanced it up with an improved display in the latter stages and by the end was strong. 7


Back to a lot like his best, but the lack of play time he’s had in recent months is an issue and he’s cramping a lot. Lots of great delivery again, and linked up very well with his old partner Kent. Some good dribbling and a nutmeg or two in there. 8


He delivered close to a perfect titanic display. Big, strong, everywhere, sumptuous ball delivery and countless massive tackles, Lunny was absolutely imperious. The midfielder we’ve wanted for years. Pity he never got to face Brown, he’d have absolutely crushed him. 10


Better than he was v Braga, still not quite at his best but improving, this was a better showing and he offered quite a lot as an attacking midfielder. In reality, Lunny has taken Jack’s thunder as the club’s outstanding defensive midfielder and it’s making Jack’s hard graft a lot less needed. 7


Full of running, always trying a trick or dribble, and never gave up. Lots of effort and good movement. 7


This was Ramsey in a nutshell – great movement, and even adding a fantastic work ethic and defensive aspect to his game, but his ball delivery was rotten and he’s just not very sharp with the final product. And then he got injured again. Sorry guys, it’s 6/10 again.


Slow to get going but motored up as the game went on. Still lacking a lot of that cutting edge up top but he’s still getting better again and he worked so very hard for the team. 7


He can’t hold the ball up but he’s thriving off Gio’s adjustment to the system where Kent, Ramsey and Aribo are closer to him and supporting him. It works better and gives him space to run into. He’s doing very well indeed and he played a role in the opening goal. 7



Curious sub, didn’t add a tonne of quality but always a nuisance. 6


Great fresh legs to bring on just when we needed them. 6


Massive impact sub, great finish and he showed the desire to get this one over the line. 8


Very very composed cameo, good use of the ball and pulled lots of strings in midfield. 7


Another major impact sub, his effort effectively won us the match. 7


Gio was questioned over the goalie swap, but little else. Fans seemed happy with the team, and while we still have misgivings over Bassey instead of Balogun, the manager’s system worked very well and his impact double sub of Davis and Arfield was perfectly timed. Another match Gio can look himself in the mirror and say he did alright. 9

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  1. That 50/50 tackle Lunny went in with McGregor was brilliant and hilarious. McGregor done about 3 somersaults 😂. Knocked him flying in the air.

  2. Think yous are awfully harsh on bassey. I thought he was excellent yesterday. Massive part of the reason why celtuc couldn’t play the way they usually do an getting free men between the lines turning an running. Closed down midfielders on a number of occasions making them play back the way. I could bee wrong i was watching on my phone hard to see exactly whats going on tbh but that’s what i thought of him yesterday & he must be pretty good at CB if hes getting selected ahead of balogan. Your also wrong about Ramsey again, it was maybe a 5 🤣 oj.

    • Ramsey gave the ball away constantly before he went off, how long was he actually out for before he came to us ? Anyone know ?

    • I agree Curtis. Bassey was in turn absolutely fantastic then catastrophically careless. But overall I thought the good far outweighed the bad. He just worries me at CB.

  3. Fantastic result with a few great performances Lundstram, Tav, Arfield, Roofe. I have to disagree about Kent and Aribo, they are different players in Europe Kent was mostly out of the game in the first half. Aribo seems reluctant to go for those runs that made him look so dangerous and effective before the Afcon. We were the better team and they were exposed for the charlatan’s they are. We unfortunately threw away silly slack points in poor draws home and away to make them look better than they are, its a pity. Onwards Europa and of course the Scottish Cup.

  4. 6 for Wright you must be joking he has pace runs around a lot but cannot pass the ball to a blue jersey the new Brandon Barker methinks

    • Not joking, he hassled them, and we clearly pointed out his quality is very poor. The 6 was for nuisance factor.

    • A bit harsh. Barker was a wage thief who got conveniently injured when the jersey got too heavy for him. Wright is always there and willing to put the effort in for the team. He may not be good enough but it’s not for the lack of trying which was certainly the case with Barker.

  5. I am not talking about Wrights commitment in comparison to Barker but most certainly I am on ability both nowhere near good enough

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