Hampden shocker as two GIANT calls go Rangers’ way

Hampden shocker as two GIANT calls go Rangers’ way
Will he come in and help....

Today was an incredible shocker at Hampden after both decisions reached by Scottish football FAVOURED Rangers.

We derided for months the chances of VAR being voted in, given the SPFL’s peddling of the price, but today Scottish clubs universally bar one voted in favour. It’ll be implemented following the world cup next season.

Secondly, we ‘knew’ there was no chance of the SPFL helping us with European football given the nonsense that happened last time, only for Neil Doncaster to completely change tact and confirm he and the SPFL are happy to help the club in Europe, and the reschedule was approved.

We can’t begin to emphasise what has happened here – a MASSIVE sea change in 24 hours where two colossal calls, which previously would have gone against us, have gone for us, and that is simply sensational.

Rangers fans are so used to getting the sharp end of the stick, of Lawwell’s grubby fingers in all the pies, that we are wondering if his exit from Scottish football has indeed led to a power change.

We won’t want Scottish football run by our club, as fun as that would be, we just wanted an even playing field which showed neutrality and fairness.

Today that happened.

VAR will come in, and the fixture congestion has been eased to help Rangers in Europe.

This is an unreal change in the shape of things.

More to come? We hope so.

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  1. I’d be happier if this was paid for by the SFA after all they are the ones that run Scottish football and they and the SPFL are the ones they do the sponsorship deals for our game surely there would be enough leftover each year to pay for this as they say they make great deals for our sport

    • I said this on here before mste, why are the clubs paying for it when it should be the ones who run the game. What are we actually paying for ? The actual officials manning it, the tech, or all of it ?

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