End of an era at Ibrox as Rangers look to future

End of an era at Ibrox as Rangers look to future
Gio watches on at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

While we don’t want to jump to any knee jerk reactions, a second feeble OF loss in a row leads to the possibility this is the end of the SG-squad era and it’s time to completely rip it up and start again come the summer.

Domestically this squad has disgracefully underachieved, there’s no denying that. 55 was magnificent, but that Gerrard spent £35M in 3 years and won just one trophy with it simply isn’t good enough, and Gio’s hands have been tied with absolutely no cash and having to use a squad which is probably seeing its final days.

We do not know what the rest of this season will bring us, there could well be a major turnaround in fortune with 56 and UEL glory possible, but as things stand, domestically certainly it appears the end is nigh for a lot of these players.

It’s worth remembering James Tavernier, Allan McGregor, Scott Arfield, Connor Goldson, Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Jack, and quite a few others have all been at Ibrox (in this spell) for at least 4 years, and in a few cases, 5.

While we’re not saying they’re all 45 and need to retire, it’s not been a very fruitful time for them on the home front, and in those 4 or 5 years just one medal. Sure, it was a big one, but there comes a time we have to rip things up and start again.

But of course, that requires money.

And that’s something we don’t have. And unless we do pull off a miracle and obtain either the UEL or SPL to secure us CL next season, it isn’t going to change.

Hence end of an era and the potential sale of a few key players to raise funds for a squad rebuild.

There are too many players who have been at Ibrox at least 3 years or more, and who haven’t really been massive successes in general. And it could well be time to really look into which players need to move on in order to see an overhaul this summer.

This was a costly defeat at Ibrox – it really was. We can probably now admit to you that aside one of us on Ibrox Noise, everyone here was expecting a defeat. Indeed, we hinted it to you with the majority of our pieces remonstrating over the loss of Alfredo Morelos.

And now we find ourselves with a slim chance of winning the league, and a potential squad overhaul.

In truth, Gio deserves the funds and chance to build his own. Gerrard made his, and it really didn’t do well enough. With the same funds back in 2007 Walter won 3IAR.

Gerrard just didn’t build as effective and winning a squad.

On the European front it’s been sensational, and Gio’s taken that further, but his hands are tied league-wise and he deserves a chance to cultivate his own squad.

End of an era? Maybe. Two OF losses in a row won’t cut it for winning 56, so maybe it’s time to look further afield.

Or maybe we’re just being knee-jerk…

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  1. I agree rip it up and start again,time for a clearout
    ,but what about the fantastic run in europe with this team,

  2. 99% sure 56 is gone this season, our best shot at getting champs lge now is through the qualifiers start of next season. We wont win anything without Morelos that was clear to see today.

  3. The irony is not lost on me. Laughing at how bad they done in Europe, now they are straight into the group stage, with 40 million in their pockets, they don’t need nor deserve the cash we do, where is the justice? Did we deserve this outcome? Maybe…. Still, I I’ll be cheering them on till the end Funny old world! WATP

  4. Spot on.
    Can’t fault the effort from most on the field yesterday, but the quality was lacking. There was no guile, no onfield leadership, and basically, no idea in the last third.
    The difference for me was the Celtic defence, well organised and on top of their game.
    Whereas we were the usual headless chickens, with every cross or corner a potential nightmare.
    We have a goalkeeper who rarely comes off his line, and when he does tends to flap, which puts extra pressure on the remaining defenders to win the ball. That said, it has to be balanced with his match winning performances in Europe.
    A right back frequently out of position, relying on others to cover his forays upfield.
    A midfield past its sell by date, and strikers frequently caught offside.

    GVB must also be held to account for a team he picks that was six points ahead at Christmas, now finds it is six points behind in April. His selection of starters, and the reluctance to get subs on in a timely fashion has baffled many.

    The Board are going to have to find the finance in the close season to reinvigorate the squad, as this group of players need freshening up . Badly.

    • The Celtic defence were no different from the Motherwell defence or the Dundee Utd defence. We build up so slowly playing pointless passes in non dangerous areas allowing teams all the time to drop into their defensive positions. When we do get to the edge of the box our first thought is to get the ball wide so we can fire useless crosses into the box. Celtic’s game was much more direct. They played 40-50 yard passes into feet or the channels then supported in numbers at pace.

  5. Nah, nothing knee jerk about it. With all due respect for their services to us we shouldn’t be considering keeping Goldson, Barisic, Arfield, Davis, Roofe, Katic, Itten, Wright and maybe even McGregor, Jack, Aribo, Kamara, Balogun and Kent. Some of these players are far too hot and cold to be considered as reliable or simply too old. We should probably release Ofoborh from the payroll too through no fault of his own. The trouble is that we can’t rip it up and start again without the funds that would come with either winning the Europa Cup or directly qualifying by winning 56. End this season empty-handed and we are relying on whatever budget the club allow Gio topped up with whatever clubs might be willing to pay for out best players and hope we get something for our underachievers. We may even end up having to keep some of these players until the January window. Or we plan long term and bring in a core of our best youth players mentored by the more experienced members of the squad. We are now dependent on other clubs doing us a favour to paper over the cracks of our own frailties and winning every match or we will fall very far behind again. Even if we finish second we can still get CL football through the qualifiers but we have to have a team that can at least attain a third place finish to guarantee Europa beyond Christmas which we have proved is our current level. Post derby defeat blues is always thought provoking but we all know why we are in this mess and can only hope that we achieve a miracle helicopter Sunday or a cup double.

  6. I think there was apprehension yesterday from those who see a little reality in what could happen. I agree this squad is done and is not suited to the Scottish Crap football. No guts no fight no aggression. The whole team needs overhaul. GVB deserves that chance I think most of the Team will be sold for whatever we can get , let’s be honest we really don’t have as many assets as we believed. I think we could win the Scottish Cup if we turn up as the rotten mob aren’t as good as we let them believe, we had enough chances yesterday to win that game but we had no striking edge.

  7. Just a wee thought if we don’t win the league and don’t get into the league sections then we will have to play qualifyers in front of a full house. Or we win the league and play friendlies at a half full stadium as I said just a thought.

  8. I realise Steve Davis is getting on a bit but he played and scored for his Country or so I’ve been told. If he was fit I don’t understand why he wouldn’t play him on Sunday just for his experience in these games. Also Scott Arfield I feel he always gives 110 per cent but he was only a sub. Just my take on it but it’s not over until the fat lady sings so they say x

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