BBC Rangers comedy is absurd as Leipzig await

BBC Rangers comedy is absurd as Leipzig await
We're stunned... (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Rangers fans this morning were absolutely shocked/amused/baffled at a national broadcaster having completely ignoring the club’s stunning journey to the semi finals of the UEL less than 48 hours before Giovanni’s men take the field in Germany.

The BBC, our fine friends at Pacific Quay, as of early morning on Wednesday, had not a word to say about Rangers’ imminent clash in Leipzig, an achievement of the highest order and completely overlooked by Auntie’s Scottish section.

As of earlier afternoon, the Beeb finally started producing content on it, with Tom English’s wordy nonsense their main centrepiece, before adding a few bits and pieces.

But for the ultra-rare occasion of a Scottish club making the semifinals of a major European competition (it happens around 4 times every twenty years, 3 times Rangers, one time Celtic) the national ‘state’ broadcaster had nothing to say until only a few hours ago.

It says it all for their ridiculous anti-Rangers bias. Yes, we know there’s an axe to grind between the two and has been for a long time, but the BBC have a duty of responsibility to their stake holders.

They are owned by the public, and they have a duty of public interest.

Completely whitewashing tomorrow’s semi was pretty absurd.

Of course, they’re on the case now, but that it took until barely 36 hours to go says it all about where their cookie crumbles alright.

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  1. I read the Tom English piece of disrespectful drivel. He really is slavering wretch, who uses slimy language like Rangers being dumped out of the CL..really, to ensure he doesn’t give any praise or give us our place. It’s us the Famous who are at the pinnacles of European Football, not the other slash who play their 2 or 3 games then exit , you know who you are. It’s not the rotten mob for sure as they were gubbed by everyone in all comps then jettisoned hopelessly , it was hilarious. He hates Rangers. I also saw the placating piece that followed of facts names but no real praise or well wishes. Fuck them all. We will give our best , the press release by Rangers about 9 years ago eg. East Stirling match etc. sums us up. No Surrender WATP . Onwards

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