Bassey berated as Rangers fans applaud new midfield general

Bassey berated as Rangers fans applaud new midfield general
Lunny rightly ripping in to Calvin...

We noticed something very subtle on Sunday, that may have gone over the heads of many fans in the wake of such an incredible result at Hampden.

Cast your mind back to earlier this season, and Amad Diallo at Tannadice. He infamously stopped playing after listening to the defenders appeal for offside, despite the fact he was onside.

He was roundly and systematically abused for this naïve error. A 19-year old boy was slaughtered by supporters for making a mistake during the learning process.

On Sunday, 22-year old and therefore ‘old enough to know better’ Calvin Bassey actively sought to apologise to a stricken Tom Rogic who he’d just taken out with a foul, before John Lundstram charged at him, told him to get back to his position, and berated him for apologising.

This was thoroughly applauded by fans who admired Lunny’s guts and heart for the cause.

But the one thing omitted was any condemnation from fans for Bassey’s naivete.

That Bassey actively went up to his victim to say sorry was completely glossed over, pretty much because fans like Bassey.

What are we getting at here?

Support ALL the players!

Diallo didn’t deserve the abuse earlier this season, and Bassey too made an error which fans were thankfully more forgiving of.

We have favourites at Ibrox Noise too, and players we rate a little less. Bassey and Wright are two of those.

But when they are in our shirt, they get our support, and we’ll never abuse any player.

Hopefully this has been a lesson for some – if a player makes a mistake, especially a young lad, go easy on him. He’s still learning.

That’s the Rangers Way.

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  1. Think the reason you see a difference in both is a) one is our own and one is on loan b) Lundstram dealt with it before it became an issue and we won the game where as the Diallo one he was blamed when we dropped points. And finally c) through no fault of his own, with the fee Man U paid for him, too much was expected of a young lad to take Scotland by storm. We Rangers fans are a fickle bunch but you do have to be big enough to fill the shirt and Bassey has proved he can. Diallo has yet to get a real chance to do so.

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