Yet more he said/she said as Rangers shirt farce rumbles on

Yet more he said/she said as Rangers shirt farce rumbles on
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 01: Fans fly a Union Jack flag during the Scottish League Cup Semi-Final between Celtic and Rangers at Hampden Park on February 1, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

The nonsense about Rangers’ 150th shirt yesterday has hit new levels of embarrassment from all sides, after the SPFL and SFA reportedly confirmed that, contrary to earlier, they HAD indeed received registration from Rangers over the use of the shirt.

Which begs the question – why on earth did Rangers not wear it?

This story is a complete mess, and is at risk of making Ibrox Noise look bigger idiots than we normally do…

Being serious, he said/she said and end of the day, whether it was registered or not, it certainly wasn’t worn, which is extremely poor from the club.

If we believe the club failed to register it in time, that’s just amateur.

If we believe the club succeeded but just didn’t wear it, that’s almost worse.

End of the day, there’s been a colossal screw up here, something which has led to the latest farce in Rangers’ insufficient conduct since winning 55.

First the feeble flag day at Ibrox last year, then recently the shambolic Celtic ‘friendly’ and now this.

It’s just not good enough these days, sorry.

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  1. Stewart Rpbertson has to go . He is totally responsible for all of this. His feeble excuses and stances against other issues too show his weakness. Mr David King needs to reinstated to the board to get our shit together before this rotren mob of charlatans win this league and stop any further discrediting of our great club. On another point how disgraceful was the ignorance and disrespect shown by those Glasgow MSPs by not congratulating or acknowledgment our 150 years. Scandalous but not surprising of this Green infiltrated country .

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