What now for Aaron Ramsey at Ibrox?

What now for Aaron Ramsey at Ibrox?
DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - MARCH 13: Aaron Ramsey of Rangers gesturesl during the Scottish Cup Sixth Round match between Dundee FC and Rangers FC at Dens Park Stadium on March 13, 2022 in Dundee, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If Aaron Ramsey’s performance at Dens was anything to go by, the Welshman is some distance off match-fitness and the cup match a week ago was a slightly false impression.

In that one, he looked fairly smooth, composed, and used the ball quite well.

A week later on serious league business and he was a shadow of that same player – while his performance was not horrible, it was uninspired, and hardly as sparkling as he was 7 days ago.

He just doesn’t look up to pace with our domestic game, which is no shame really given he’s only just back fit and he’s never known a league like the SPL.

It is breakneck quick and physically tough.

But we can’t make excuses – either players adapt to it, or they’re no use, and Ramsey has really struggled to make himself heard in the league.

He’s not played much, with injury curtailing that, but when he has played, it’s not been sparkling.

Of course, there’s the ‘give him a chance ffs’ talk which we’re sure we’ll hear, and we don’t necessarily disagree, but we’re deep into March now and don’t have a massive amount of time left this season for him to really dig in and make a place his own.

Dundee’s priority was not the cup – that was nice for them to try to get something, but their priority is the league 100% and survival. And the guts they didn’t show last week they did this, and to their credit they did play pretty well.

And Ramsey (by no means alone) was unable to thrive this time as he did last.

Again, he’s not match fit, and he doesn’t just become a bad player overnight – but perhaps the SPL simply isn’t suited to him.

It’s made mincemeat of many great players, who expected to come here and boss it – he’s not managed that in any of his appearances bar that cup outing.

Is time running out?

We don’t know – we guess what happens now is down to Gio and Ramsey themselves.

Over to them.

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  1. I’m afraid we’ll never get Ramsey to the level where we need him. Our next game is Celtic at Ibrox and there’s no way he will be ready for that. Likewise the 2 Euro games and cup semi that follow. This has been a gamble that just didn’t pay off.

  2. Probably a little.harsh , from is temporary class is permanent, he’s a fantastic player , just give him a chance, he’ll be a great asset in the Run In , hopefully year Celtic apart

  3. First half he was barely involved but 2nd yesterday I thought he was much better and could have had a brace if it wasn’t for some great goalkeeping. Yes, he is clearly still lacking 100% match fitness but I think his experience showed alongside a change of position that was able to get more out of him. Without his follow up equaliser god knows what would have happened yesterday.

  4. So called victim of the galactas. Paid an unbelievable amount of money by Juventus and happy to warm the bench. Then decides he wants to get back match fit for Wales. Rangers cannot allow themselves to be treated as a toy for his purposes. Send him back as he lacks hunger and desire and is so far off the pace it’s unbelievable.

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