Value for money? Why Alfie really IS worth €120M

Value for money? Why Alfie really IS worth €120M
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 10: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates after scoring his teams second goal during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 Leg One match between Rangers FC and Crvena Zvezda at Ibrox Stadium on March 10, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It didn’t take long

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the DR would make Alfredo Morelos a bargain buy.

As anyone with a sliver of a brain would predict, they are now trying to price Morelos at 12 million rubles, and screaming to all the top leagues to come buy our best players…to do what?

To help Celtic? Are you stupid!

Yeh I’m talking to the anonymous chap who wrote this rubbish for the Daily Record.

By valuing Morelos, who is the third-highest goal scorer in Europa League history, at a price even a reserve player would be ashamed of, is to throw garbage on every single player in the Scottish league, Yes, including those who play for your beloved Celtic.

Thanks to Rangers, Scotland is now a top 10 league in Europe (9th, to be exact, if you can believe that). Next year we will be 8th, and if some other teams could get their act together there is no reason why we couldn’t rise further.

And being a top 10 league means every single team in Scotland is now entitled to demand the going international rate for top players. In other words, silly money.

So, for all those fans out there who think sh*tting on the price of Rangers players is helping their own team….do you see English press talking down the price of their best players?

Do you see Germany happy with wanting 12 million for their top strikers?

Of course not….and do you know why?

IF you talk up the market value for the best players, you also talk up the value of all the players in the league, including those playing for Hearts, for St Johnstone, and even Celtic.

And when you can bring in more money…..guess what.

Your country can attract better players….and the country then rises further up the chart, and you make even more money.

Every other country realises this….but Scotland.

Are we really that stupid?

For god sake we have more inventions per head of population than any other country in the world, but the morons who run Scotland’s press have their heads so far up their own backsides they can’t even see this!

So, in an open letter to the Celtic partisan fans in charge of the Daily Record, it seems you only understand money when the money is flowing into Celtic’s coffers.

Well…. that money will come far more easily into your greasy hands the higher Scotland can rise in this stupid corrupt game.

A game where the Conference League was created to make sure none of the top five could ever lose their positions, because it should be impossible (outside of Celtic) to be eliminated from all three competitions in a single year. Well done Celtic on that one (!)

So, if we, as a nation, want the very best football to be played here, in Scotland, we need to get real, and we need to demand all our players (from all our teams) are valued properly.

That is why I placed a €120 million price tag on Morelos all those years ago. Aim high, and get a price that is reasonable, aim low and you get what you deserve.

And it is now time for the other teams in Scotland to start playing like top 10 European league teams, and beat some opponents for a change.

Then they might be able to raise Scotland’s game further, and bring in more money through TV rights and other commercial operations.

And more money, brings in jobs, and jobs make people happy.

Seems simple, right?

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  1. Euro performances create interest that is true, however domestic standard has a bearing. When you compare to the European exploits of our players you forget the standards of the Scottish League. Week in, week out grinding results in a system that means 4 matches a season at home is there money spinner as they will not look too the Euro Zone as further income. Frightened to put the cash in to the club to make progress means failure to progress their own Club beyond 5-5-0 formations. There are now 3 Euro Comps. 3 opportunities to make money to invest in better Coaches, better players better standards of football. Until the best of the rest truly invest to improve the standard then Scottish players will never realise their true value

  2. If we was doing it in champs league mabay. But just now just my opinion i reckon about £35M tops for Alfie.

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