SPFL shocker as Doncaster removes VAR from Rangers

SPFL shocker as Doncaster removes VAR from Rangers
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OK, the meeting about VAR went exactly as expected, with the SPFL and SFA scaring the living daylights out of the clubs with a massive bill smacked in their face, and then smacked on their backside and then squeezed between their wallet and their credit cards, while all the time being shouted at that they will increase the price for VAR 100-fold, if they even think about voting yes.

…who would have thought that was going to happen? (You can read our previous article)

And over in the Septic sites, we are seeing the other half of the equation with the green and half persuasion hell-bent on trying to persuade everyone that VAR would have cost Rangers at least 300 points a season, so they argue there is no reason to introduce VAR to the Scottish game. All because they want to help Rangers. Yes, I bet you all believe that one (!)

With the game against Motherwell, being yet another game where a dodgy decision just, by chance went against us and McGregor looking more and more like he is really struggling as he ages, then perhaps the easiest way now to get into the Champions League is to win the Europa League?

Actually, I’m starting really to think that really might be the easiest way. Because, in the league we will have a lot more dodgy decisions going against us over the next critical 10 games. That’s so clear we don’t even have to put bets on it.

And the refs and the linesmen will do their sincere part in making sure Rangers stutter to a draw or two in the closing stages, and they will give Celtic a few more offside goals, and they also will perhaps give Celtic a few more 100-minute games of football, all to help them get over the finish line.

But, sadly, VAR will not come to Scotland. They can promise they will talk about it next year, but it will never come to Scotland, as long as its absence benefits Celtic.

And with this fact now in the open, when Rangers do manage to win the league this season, it will genuinely be an achievement as monumental as winning 55.

But do we have to like playing with so many biased refs and linesmen? Well, I think you know my answer to that one.

Ohh just a heads up. The charity drive has now started. In the last few days some eager buyers purchased early. If you did, don’t worry. I will add them to the final total. The drive runs to the end of the month. Please tell all your friends, so we can extend the drive beyond the Rangers fan base. As we said, it’s a darn good read.

If you want to help the future of Rangers get to it.

All after tax profits will be forwarded to the Rangers Charity Foundation and Rangers’ Youth Development Company.

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