“Sh*t it” – some Rangers fans unhappy with winger

“Sh*t it” – some Rangers fans unhappy with winger
Just needs a little spot of confidence and form.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Ibrox Noise put up a post supporting Amad Diallo during what has been a pretty poor loan spell by any stretch of the imagination. He hasn’t played much, and is likely to move onto another loan in the summer.

We hope he can turn it around before the end of the season.

But the reasoning from a few fans was extremely telling and certainly justifies why managers don’t use Rangers’ youth much at all these days.

“he was horrendous against the beggars, selfish and shat it against scumdee utd think you’re trying to defend the indefensible”

When an 18-year old boy is being slain for mistakes by fans like this, is it any wonder managers want to protect the promising kids the youth academy produces?

Is it any shock that Alex Lowry has only played one major senior match, v Livi? Imagine the dog’s abuse he’d get from guys like that for making a naïve error in a huge crucial match, or lacking bravery in a particular moment.

At the age of learning, of the time being right to make the mistakes, fans are castrating even kids for doing so, which really does give guys like Diallo no chance at a club like Rangers.

Yes, he’s not our kid, we know this, but the psychology is the same – he got no slack, and has been made a bit of a scapegoat for Parkhead among other things, but Ibrox Noise never stopped supporting him.

It seems some ‘fans’ did – it’s one thing to give up on a young player and think he’s ill-suited to your team, but hope you’re wrong – quite another to abuse an 18-year old for not being a perfect player yet.

Did you know even Lionel Messi wasn’t thrown in at the deep end at 18? He was gradually introduced in his first season then even more in his second.

Can you imagine him thrown in and playing the Clasico at 18? He didn’t btw, he debuted that at 20 when Barca were miles superior to Real.

If even Messi got support and care, why do we expect an 18-year old Diallo to handle Parkhead on his first shot no sweat?

Gio made an error there, but it’s Diallo who seems to be paying for it.

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  1. If this lad is worth near 30 million going by Man Uniteds valuation then Scott Wright must be worth 40 million 🙄

  2. Did you ever see Willie Henderson, or Derek Johnston or Ian Durrant at this age? There seems to be a belief that until a player is in his early 20’s he isn’t ready for 1st team football.

  3. Interesting article.
    I agree 100%. The lad clearly has talent and should be given another opportunity to regain his confidence against weaker opposition than Celtic.

  4. I was one of the critics, i admit i was a bit harsh. We should give our players our full support. I think im more just annoyed as i would rather see our own youth get a chance.

  5. And messi made his barca debut at 17, and played against Real Madrid in November 2005 – when he was 18 (a year younger than Diallo).

    What a nonsense article. The point is valid but why lie?

    • So you agree with the article, but call it nonsense? Why waste your time commenting with a paradox. As for lying, it’s called an error Alan. People like you are far too quick to get pitchforks out and slay the beast rather than investigating to learn it’s actually a bloke called Colin in a gown. A growing trend of how mankind is reverting to the Dark Ages albeit with an iphone in hand.

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