Rangers strike back against fan ‘propaganda war’…

Rangers strike back against fan ‘propaganda war’…
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Rangers have waged war on a portion of the support it has described as ‘disruptors’ and wowed to address at the end of the season the ‘propaganda’ war it believes is being delivered to the club.

With lots of veiled accusations, presumably worded by chief communication director David Graham, the board has dug its heels in over the brewing discontent from the fanbase over a number of key decisions the club has made in recent times, not least the highly controversial Old Firm ‘friendly’ which still hasn’t been officially scrapped.

Indeed, by this wording, the powers that be are hinting they’re doubling down on that decision and the match and trip will very much go ahead.

They have also hinted strongly at individuals they accuse of wanting a position within the club themselves, or who had one, which can only really be a jab aimed at Dave King.

All of this of course is timed off the back of the protest at Dens, which wasn’t well-received by most fans watching, or indeed by most of the players, and we must admit a raised eyebrow at the board’s own accusation regarding the ‘timing’ of the ‘disruptors’.

End of the day if the board are accusing fans of warring, well, the board are warring back – they asked for unity in this statement but aren’t aiding it terribly well with such a defiant message.

Ibrox Noise Position:

We don’t actually have a huge issue with the board – apart from a few key calls (Park cinch fiasco, Old Firm friendly) they do run the club in its best interests. They have never really struck us as having snouts in the trough, and indeed have invested plenty to keep the club running. They have made some bad errors of judgement though, and it’s seen a lot of ex-Gers folks slam them – Hateley, Ferguson, King – for right or wrong, these are respected men and they’ve taken issue with the suits.

But their lack of engagement with fans and distancing from fan groups (or indeed downright repelling them) is probably unwise and it’s created a bit of a glass ceiling for the fans.

This one will run alright.

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  1. Rangers have handled this really badly. Whatever the hierarchy think of Club 1872 they have to realise that they represent an awful lot of Rangers fans. They are also a significant shareholder. They also, like other Rangers fans, have a number of valid grievances like the Australian trip, safe standing, merchandising, disabled facilities etc.
    Club 1872 for their part should engage with their members and other supporters groups to ensure that they really do represent the supporters grievances.

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