Rangers’ Joe Aribo admits own form is poor

Rangers’ Joe Aribo admits own form is poor
Far from comfortable with his own form....

Joe Aribo has admitted his form is not the best right now, acknowledging he’s not hit the heights he did before the break and that he’s working hard to get that impetus back.

The classy playmaker was in electric form pre-winter break (and AFCON) and was certainly on his way to POTY nomination, but has lost his edge completely this year and sadly returned to domestic action (and even European fare) some way off what he’s capable of.

But he has conceded it’s the case, revealing his numbers in goals and assists aren’t where they need to be and that he hopes tomorrow’s match with Aberdeen will kick start a return to form.

Joe looked rather uncomfortable addressing that topic, albeit the lad isn’t the most relaxed with the media as it is anyway, but when directly talking about his own form certainly seemed a bit anxious, possibly aware the question would come up.

But to his credit he accepted he’s not been great, and hopefully the brilliant midfielder can be back to his superb best before long.

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