Rangers fans aren’t thrilled as club makes unpopular announcement

Rangers fans aren’t thrilled as club makes unpopular announcement
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After a couple of days of rumours, it’s been confirmed by the club that Rangers will take part in a tournament in Australia dedicated to Celtic’s manager Stavros. The Sydney Super Cup, essentially a cup to celebrate Celtic’s manager, will take place this winter with Rangers having two matches, v Western Sydney Warriors and then the first-ever overseas Old Firm against them lot.

Reaction hasn’t been terribly positive to this announcement – the tournament, as we say, is for Stavros, the former Australia manager and one of Oceania’s most significant bosses, and Rangers taking part in it is clearly about money and nothing more.

Fans aren’t exactly thrilled that we’re involved in a tournament effectively celebrating his career and the fact he’s Celtic manager, and we can understand that.

Ibrox Noise verdict?

With our form as bad as it is, a silly and unneeded tournament just under a year away involving Celtic is a bit of a vacant distraction.

If it brings in good cash to the club, the damage is lessened, but while the club spins it as all about our Australian supporters, and it’s absolutely true that we have a tonne of fans down there, we could easily have arranged our own special friendly down there for our fans if we’d really wanted to honour their loyalty.

This one is definitely about the money, and it’s a bit of a Rangers sell out, if we’re completely honest.

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