Question over Rangers partner after Euro clubs back out

Question over Rangers partner after Euro clubs back out
Bisgrove may well pull out of this one.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ relationship with Turkish cryptocurrency company Bitci could be in question after a number of European clubs cancelled their partnerships with the digital giant.

In at least one case, the partnership was ceased due to alleged non-payment, from the company which was able to boast Rangers, Sporting, Spezia and Espanyol among its football clients, but those partnerships are in jeopardy now.

In Sporting’s case, a parting of the companies was described as ‘strategic’ by a spokesperson for the club, and Rangers might wish to look at their deal with the Turks, with such a bad rep hitting them recently.

If there was to be any issue, it would be done quietly and Rangers would make no fanfare about it, but McLaren Racing are another to have severed ties, with other partners including Moto GP and the Brazil NT.

It’s one to keep an eye on.

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  1. If you go and read the reviews of the company on google play they’re terrible, same with BioWave on a google search.

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