Press exploit Steven Gerrard & Rangers on Cup day

Press exploit Steven Gerrard & Rangers on Cup day
Rangers FC's head coach Steven Gerrard gives a press conference on the eve of their match against Belgian club Standard de Liege on the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League football competition, in Liege on October 21, 2020. (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR / Belga / AFP) / Belgium OUT (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/Belga/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise hasn’t even LOOKED at today’s cup match, and is there any coincidence on the eve and day of a big cup clash, Steven Gerrard is all over the press in some kind of weird redirection technique by our press on how badly he did in the cups?

As in, the ex-boss has been plastered all over our press praising the club (which is fair enough) and admitting we were a stepping stone to Villa (not so fair enough but que sera) and speaking about us on a day when we travel to Dens for the Cup, a tournament he failed repeatedly in?

This piece isn’t meant to be a dig at him, frankly we’ve moved on from all that, but we find it odd the press have rolled him out to chat about us before a cup match, and not any other league or Euro match.

Either way, Gerrard was the darling of the Scottish press and it’s not a shock they’re using him for column inches.

Undermining Gio?

A little. The press up here are not overly big on GVB because he is the exact opposite of Gerrard – lacks charisma, gives nothing away, isn’t a direct speaker. So they’d rather use and quote Gerrard because he sells more, let’s be honest.

People click on Steven Gerrard way more eagerly and frequently than they do Giovanni van Bronckhorst, probably including our own fans.

But Gio won’t mind – he’s quite happy in the shadows, not playing to the gallery and just getting on with his job.

And that job today is all about beating Dundee.

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