“Playing with fire – 7” Rangers rated v Aberdeen

“Playing with fire – 7” Rangers rated v Aberdeen
Roofe celebrates a massive winner (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers managed a critical 3 points today v a well-drilled Dons side who played ugly to stop the home side.

It nearly worked.

Ibrox Noise gives you our ratings for what was ultimately a vital win.


Not much to do, didn’t have a save to make nor claim to make. He’ll rarely have a quieter afternoon. 6


Some dodgy crosses but he kept plugging away. Not his most standout performance though, but the he actually got the ball more than anyone else on the pitch. Tavernier’s running will never stop and defensively he was solid. 7


He must be getting sick of himself these days, he’s bringing very little to the table and was very loose with possession. Just looks like he isn’t interested any more. 6


Bewildering selection when we had two proper CBs on the bench. Nearly got done for position but managed to recover, but while he had a reasonable match we just can’t understand why he was there. 6


The Croat actually had an ok match, nothing great – quiet, lacking assurance, but didn’t do anything to cost his side. Defensively solid like Tav but not as dynamic going forward. 6


If we had a pound for every pass he made going sideways or back… he kept it simple, but lacked ambition. Really underwhelming performance. 6


Tried to make things happen, was willing to push the ball forward and rarely wasted a pass. Wasn’t needed as much of a force defensively, and can be happy enough with his own display. 7


He did try to make inroads down the left, but the sharpness wasn’t there. Having a little lull. 6


The vital assist but another very quiet match from the Nigerian. Easy to forget he was out there. Absolutely none of his menacing dribbles these days, but in his defence he did try one or two. 6


Lots of energy and shots but no real consequential end product. This lad flatters to deceive too much and seems to put his energy into running and not enough into decision making. 5


He worked his socks off, but it wasn’t happening for him up front. No service and had to come deeper to get the ball. But he was dangerous on the rare occasions he got supplied. 6



Looks dead on his feet these days and could have done with the full-on rest, but Gio elected to replace Sakala with him. 5


Should have been on from the start, did his work tidily. 6


Exactly the same assessment as Balogun. 6


No one agreed with the sub, and guess what, he proved us all wrong. 7


Gio picked a pretty poor XI, and once again Rangers fans see a manager refusing to just deploy his best XI. Reason? He’s hoping his depth is good enough, and he can keep some in reserve, in case of need. Well we did need it, all of it, and ultimately he got it right in the end, but we were more than a touch concerned with some of the subs and the starting XI. We know the guy is dynamic, and capable of flexibility, but he’s playing with fire here. 7

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  1. Poor selections by GVB…Balogun and Hellander need minutes. Why Sakala he’s busy , busy but why . God knows what has happened to Aribo I think someone has filled his head with promises. I hope we can sell him for profit. 3 points we move on .

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