Nicholas makes a proper Charlie of himself over Alfredo Morelos

Nicholas makes a proper Charlie of himself over Alfredo Morelos
BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND - MARCH 19: Charlie Nicholas answers questions during the Gillette Soccer Saturday Live with Jeff Stelling on March 19, 2012 at the Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

The press are making a bit of a deal this morning from Alfredo Morelos leaving Michael Gorman as his agent and switching to Footfeel & Echo Sports instead, with Celtic-oriented pundits obviously concluding this means he’s leaving Rangers…

Morelos has been with Gorman (World in Motion) since before 2017, and changing agent at this point means only one thing:


Relationships end, partners move on, nothing lasts forever and Morelos has every right to find a new agent after over 5 years with the last one.

Charlie Nicholas can get as excited as he wants about Morelos switching agent, excited as he likes about the potential for selling the Colombian, if Rangers do get CL this summer there’s a slim to zero chance the former HJK man will want to leave.

It’s close to that level of odds as it is with recent quotes committing his future to the club for the first time in recent years. He’s happy here.

The reality is in football that loyalty is hard to find, and there’s no reason to stick with a partner when your professional relationship comes to a natural end.

That’s what’s happened with Morelos and Gorman, they’ve gone their separate ways and Alfie is with someone new now.

Nothing more to see here, sorry Charlie.

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  1. Idiot same as sutton they no nothing clowns
    They talk more about the Famous than their embarrassing failing european runners septic😂

  2. Nicholas couldn’t talk up any of that dross at the midden , so he talks conjecture and anti Rangers . On the subject of talking pish, what about Stavros with the CL league, Treble slash. GVB should pin it on the dressing room wall and we should set the standard and shove it right fucking up them all.

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