Latest voice for VAR backs up Rangers’ case again

Latest voice for VAR backs up Rangers’ case again
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Ibrox Noise’s Derek and indeed all your writers on the site have been harping on about VAR for the best part of a year.

Indeed, Rangers men through the media have all been screaming for it, and even referees concede it’s ‘absolutely essential’.

And yet, only one notable group of people have made no real public plea to have the technology installed at all, only one club and its associated partners have kept really really quiet on VAR.

Kris Boyd this morning hollered at top of his lungs nearly begging for the instalment of VAR, only adding to the strong case, but still one club stays silent.

Now, in a rare defence of that shower over there, their manager Stavros HAS promoted VAR, sort of, by suggesting he wants the best of Scottish football showcased and not the hammer throwers who get away with things without VAR being around.

And yes, he has a point – but he doesn’t explicitly campaign for VAR to be added, he only regrets that the hammer throwers get away with it.

Everyone else is clear – we want, need, and will have VAR – because then the correct decisions will be reached most of the time.

It’s not infallible, of course – we all saw Kenty’s disallowed goal falsely ruled out because of a bad misjudgement by the ref when he looked at VAR – and his confusing inability to understand that being kicked on the back of the leg isn’t committing a foul.

But by and large it gets most things right.

And that’s why Rangers want it.

We want fairness and accuracy. If we lose a match we want to whine at ourselves for not being good enough, bad on the day, poor, you name it. Not because a decision was wrong.

Surely that’s fair on everyone…?

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