Latest SPFL farce as anti-Rangers sentiment leads to mockery

Latest SPFL farce as anti-Rangers sentiment leads to mockery
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge on July 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

As Ibrox Noise’s Derek earlier explained, the SPFL have effectively rejected VAR in Scotland, by pricing clubs completely out of the technology.

Previously, Scottish clubs were already baulking at the £100,000 a year fee the system would cost per club to install, so to strangle the scheme completely Neil Doncaster and co doubled the price.

It’s not happening.

Scottish clubs outside Rangers and Celtic could barely afford a hundred k as it was, and doubling that amount only hammers the final nail in the coffin of the idea.

Scotland. The only country that hasn’t got VAR and is doing everything it can to stop the tech from being introduced.

Like it or not, the SPL has two superpowers of football, teams colossally bigger than all the rest – and for a league with teams that big in it to lack VAR is embarrassing.

But it gets worse – for the governing body to downright scheme the rejection of the setup coming here really sums up how backwards this nation is on so many levels, and how it goes beyond embarrassment to witness the farce of Scottish football.

Whether Derek’s right and it’s down to Celtic barely even matters, the reality of the SPFL hijacking the potential for making Scottish football fair is everything you need to know about the psychology of our sport.

Not a single turkey votes for Christmas, and not a single club outside Rangers will vote for a £200,000 a year tech.


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  1. Let’s be brutally honest it’s deep rooted this stuff. SNP always ensures that this country is always backwards facing. Its green leaning so called governance is making us a 3rd World Country . Those clowns at the SPFL are typical of all of the inadequate, unregulated or honest quangos in this place , favouring the green orientated and blindly led . I wish the British Scots would waken up .GSTQ

    • Agree 100% Bill. Snp out to ruin Scotland and blame anyone south. A despot buch of hopeless bandits screwing the public purse and getting votes from the far less educated.

      • We’ll I’m an SNP voter, with a degree and am a retired University teacher, David, how uneducated do I have to be? This is a football site, not a political site. The fact is that the SNP have SFA to do with this or virtually any other football decision. Plenty political places to vent if you feel the need, but here your comments are simply wrong

    • Well said Dave dumb and dumber comments above are bizarre , what the hell does the government got to do with the spfl, they can advise them on decisions but it’s up to the spfl board to make the final decisions no one else, vent your political views elsewhere

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