Kudela shocker as Czech doubles down on Rangers racism

Kudela shocker as Czech doubles down on Rangers racism
No apology will ever come....

Yesterday’s story of Czech racist Ondrej Kudela’s concession on the legal appeal over the Glen Kamara incident of last year only revealed what we already know:

Ondrej Kudela will never ever apologise for his racism against the Rangers man, nor will he admit it.

Not even after his lawyers dropped the case.

Look at his statement:

“I am glad that this line of the story is over. The whole case has been going on for a long time, but I just want to focus on football. I would like to close it definitively, so after a long deliberation and agreement with the club, I told my lawyers to stop the ongoing international sports arbitration. I realise that it was a mistake to go to Glen Kamara at all and tell him anything. There were emotions in the match and unfortunately I can’t take it back now. I’m so sorry.”

He’s not sorry at all, he’s sorry for himself that he’s ruined his own career and put himself through this as a result of racism.

There is no direct apology or reference to the reality of his racial slur on Rangers’ midfielder, and all he can say is he’s sorry he went to Kamara. I’ll bet he is!

The truth is having dumped the case, he’s been found guilty, and has no case to rebut that. In the end the legal avenues were for show, for defiance, and having spent enough on them, he’s decided enough is enough.

And STILL won’t apologise for his racist attack.

It’s all hollow and until he has the balls to actually apologise for his racist slur, it’s all on deaf ears.

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