Goldson is waiting for Rangers development before signing

Goldson is waiting for Rangers development before signing
He will stay if the conditions are right...(Credit Rangers FC)

There’s become little doubt Connor Goldson has been holding off signing a new deal because he wants CL.

Forget all the stuff about trying his hand at the PL, and yes, he clearly was interested if any decent offers came from down south in either of the last two windows, but they didn’t, and his priority would be that if any such temptations did arrive.

But in the absence of it, Goldson will only sign a new deal with Rangers if we either win the SPL, or the UEL.

He wants CL and that will be his reason for staying.

Otherwise, as a Bosman, in the summer, he will move back south.

Goldson has given out mixed messages for the best part of a year and a half now – on the pitch he still mostly looks focused and his stats, especially for the UEL, are bordering on world class, as absurd as that sounds (statistically he’s one of the very best of the whole competition), so evidently he’s not tanking it. But his press quotes haven’t quite matched that commitment, vague utterances not helping.

The only reason for him to remain is CL – and that’s kind of understandable. He wants a taste of the premier club competition and isn’t content with another season of the SPL and UEL. Been there done that. He thinks he’s earned that crack at the big time.

As things stand, CL is up in the air, with two shots at it, and Goldson is hedging his bets that we can win one.

In which case he’ll sign a new deal at the end of the season.

But fail on both fronts and he’s off.

And that’ll be that.

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  1. I think you’ll find that a host of renegotiations of contracts Vs decision to move on this summer will be dependent on CL being available. This squad has proved it has what it takes at Europa League level and everyone of them will want a stab at Champions League if we can secure it. I also feel that of those close to the ends of their deals in next couple of years, only those that commit to an extension are likely to get that chance as we’ll most likely be looking to cash in on assets at prime positions going forward despite earning Champions League money.

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