Dave King is miles off about Steven Gerrard

Dave King is miles off about Steven Gerrard
Football - 2019 / 2020 Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Rangers vs. Celtic Rangers chairman Dave King is seen before the game, at Ibrox Stadium. COLORSPORT/BRUCE WHITE PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

Dave King’s attack on Rangers’ board today has certainly set some tongues wagging, and while earlier we agreed with a lot of what he says, he’s miles off regarding the Steven Gerrard stuff.

King described Gerrard’s exit as ‘completely unnecessary’ and cited it as a ‘concern’ as well as praising him as the manager who won 55.

Well, Dave, this time you’re off the mark – Gerrard wanted to leave, with his time at Ibrox at an end.

The reason SG mainly cited, without any of it ever being official, was down to money, and the lack of it.

Covid had killed Rangers’ budget, like many other clubs, but UNLIKE most other top flight modern teams we’d had to deal with a journey through lower leagues which had absolutely ruined our revenue.

Celtic were at least £50M+ up on us, honestly it was probably closer to four times that, and commercially speaking the club was not in the black. Still isn’t.

And that’s a major reason Gerrard moved on – he complained in the summer about losing to Malmo, about how we needed money to sign players to compete at that level, and he didn’t get any.

Well, unless King wanted to risk the wrath of FFP and just shell out £20M of his own cash to buy players, there’s not much we could do there.

So that one wasn’t fully fair – Gerrard saw Villa, saw the money, and decided to move on.

He did it badly, and there’s no defending that exit.

This wasn’t the board’s fault, and there’s no way Gerrard would still be Rangers manager if King was on the board.

Completely unnecessary exit? Well if it irks you that much Dave, you should hold Gerrard to account on that one, not the board.

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