“Another good performance – 8” – Rangers players rated v Dee

“Another good performance – 8” – Rangers players rated v Dee
He will stay if the conditions are right...(Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers secured an absolutely critical 3 points today, against a hardy Dundee who sure made it tough.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for what ended up a good afternoon for the Famous.


No real heroics in this one, in fact he didn’t have a save to make. Was left stranded for their goal, and while we wouldn’t say he was gaffe ridden or poor, it was much more the league McGregor again than the sizzling form he shows in Europe. 5


Not his finest moment on the penalty but he can’t nail them all. Defensively had little to do but peppered in crosses all afternoon. 6


Much more impressive as an attacker in this one! Managed quite a few flurries in the Dundee box, and was close to a goal in the first half. Crucially scored the massive winner, but even more impressively took it very well indeed. Was solid enough for defensive duties but where was he for the opening goal? 7


Visibly struggled, clearly still a bit away from full fitness, but did manage a few big blocks and clearances. 6


Bit of an average show from Bassey even when things got a bit better – just one attempt at a cross all match, and didn’t really impact the match a lot. 6


Little impact. Tidy enough on the ball but didn’t really affect the match. He seems very unimpressive so far in his Rangers career. 6


Another good performance from the reliable Lunny, a wizard with the ball. Picks out passes all the time and defends brilliantly through the middle. 8


Quiet from Kent, won fouls but didn’t really make an impact on the match at all. Had no chance with the goal and was the wrong player to be marking. 5


Quiet from Arfie too, going through easily his worst spell of form as a Rangers player. We would completely rest him for the next while. 5


Visibly struggled to make an impression, nothing like the composure he had last week. Got a huge goal so that helped a lot but wasn’t pulling many strings otherwise. 6


Fairly average display from the Colombian, involved a lot but only really came close to scoring once. A bit off the pace. 6



He tried to make things happen, and looked bright. Not back to his best but tried. 6


Made the difference, two assists, what more can you add. 7


Decision making is his big Achilles heel, needs to improve on that a lot. 6


Surprised he came on, didn’t add much. 5


Helped shore up the back and did fine at that. 6


Gio will be desperately disappointed at how poor his charges were in the first half. The big league starting debut for Ramsey was a bit of a damp squib, and it seemed to be another Euro hangover for a side who struggles to get up for playing in the league. He made changes at HT and they had an impact, he made more, and they made more. He will be thrilled to get the 3 points but not the manner. 6

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    • Not sure you watched the same game as me. A disgraceful pitch notwithstanding, give credit to Dundee, they worked their socks off and harried us. The guys showed great character and gave everything in the second half to secure the points.
      Without a single shot to deal not sure how Greegs is supposed to recreate sizzling UEFA form. Sounds to me like criticism for criticism’s sake and much the same through the rest of this report.

      • You nailed it “gave everything in the second half”. Actually it was more like gave everything in the second half of the second half. Let me be really radical here. How about giving absolutely everything from the first minute. And don’t hide behind the disgraceful pitch argument. It doesn’t need a good pitch to put some effort in.

  1. Poor Refereeing , Poor Pitch (they should be fined for that , disgrace) Average to poor from Rangers . Sands pointless lacks any quality, Bassey well off it. 3 points that’s it Owards 56

  2. Yet another poor performance. I don’t see how we can win the league playing like this. We will need to beat Celtic twice because of their better goal difference and I just can’t see it.

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